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The craftsman


The craftsman
Vol. XXIV, Number 5
Eastwood, N.Y.: United Crafts, August 1913

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[Frontispiece] Mother and child

[Title page] The craftsman, p. 3a

Contents, pp. 3a-4a

The new education: nature, the community and the home are today combining with the school to train children for an industrial democracy, Dean, Arthur D. pp. 463-471

The education of children in the school gardens of Los Angeles, Gray, Mary Richards pp. 472-479

Glens and gardens of Hudson River estates, wherein man has been nature's assistant gardener, Lounsberry, Alice pp. 480-493

Shottery gardens and its workers, Tobey, Frances pp. 494-500

Children as guardians of the birds: practical suggestions for feeding and housing our friends of the air, Pearson, T. Gilbert pp. 501-506

Going home, Gutmann, Helen R. pp. 507-508

White hepatica, Potwin, Gertrude M. p. 508

Educating the institutional child: right labor as the great factor in developing youth, Dean, Arthur D. pp. 509-517

Midsummer, Mason, Edward Wilbur p. 517

Ironwork in war and peace, art and science: examples of the work of colonial craftsmen, pp. 518-524

Two plays, Wilkinson, Marguerite p. 525

More Craftsman bungalows for country and suburban home-builders, pp. 526-531

The bark-beetle relentless in its attack on hickory nut trees throughout their range, p. 531

Concrete houses: their possibilities of economy and picturesqueness, Whipple, Harvey pp. 532-539

Self help through government, p. 539

Care of the vegetable garden in midsummer, Farrington, E. I. pp. 540-543

Concerning the easy chair, Thomson, James pp. 544-546

A glimpse of German architecture that shows both beauty and simplicity, pp. 547-548

Als ik kan: more plans for the new Craftsman Building, Stickley, Gustav pp. 549-551

Home furnishing and decoration in The craftsman magazine and Craftsman Building, pp. 551-552 ff.

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