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The craftsman


The craftsman
Vol. XXIV, Number 3
Eastwood, N.Y.: United Crafts, June 1913

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[Frontispiece] The white killarney rose that unfolds with June and makes the garden a land of enchantment

[Title page] The craftsman, p. 3a

Contents, pp. 3a-4a

The return of the single rose: its prestige in the garden, and a word of its history, Lounsberry, Alice pp. 259-267

Outdoor shelter provided by vine-hidden arches, gateways and trellises, pp. 268-275

Hanging gardens of the Sierra, Roorbach, Eloise pp. 276-283

The very hour: a story, Cole, Patience Bevier pp. 284-292

A rose cottage in Kent, King, Frederick A. pp. 293-299

The long roof line: what it holds for decoration and utility, pp. 300-302

The passing of the feather trade, Pearson, T. Gilbert pp. 303-308

The humble annals of a backyard, Dyer, Walter A. pp. 308-309

The quality of the spring academy, pp. 310-315

The new life of folk-songs: their use to modern people, MacGowan, K. pp. 316-321

Vacation bungalows that appeal besides as homes of comfort and refreshment, pp. 322-325

Craftsman houses built for "outdoor" living, pp. 326-330

The little house in the orchard, Johnson, Laura Rinkle pp. 331-333

Coöperative farm credits: evolving a system of giving American farmers wise financial help, Jenkins, W. H. pp. 334-335

The farm tenant peril, p. 335

Remodeling a double cottage of English inspiration into a modern one-family home, pp. 336-337

Drawn-work, the domestic handicraft of the "black shawl" women of Mexico, Hudson, Mary Worrall pp. 338-339

Home comforts in outdoor life, pp. 340-341

The uses and marvels of Circassian walnut, p. 342

Art as a tonic, Roorbach, Eloise pp. 343-346

Summer school of agriculture, p. 346

Correcting leaky cellars, Atkinson, A. S. pp. 347-348

Rustic furniture especially appropriate for the informal garden, pp. 349-352

Simplifying the farm kitchen, p. 352

Philippine basketry, a craft evolved by a primitive people to meet their own needs, Osgood, Lillian M. pp. 353-354

Entrances that have gained their effect through simple and picturesque treatment, pp. 355-357

Als ik kan: Lincoln and the public, Stickley, Gustav pp. 358-359

The headquarters for home-builders, pp. 359-360

Book reviews, pp. 361-364 ff.

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