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The craftsman


The craftsman
Vol. XXIII, Number 1
Eastwood, N.Y.: United Crafts, October 1912
128 pages : illustrations ; 27 cm

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"And we would pity? How many men would be able to lift the load these women bear? But then the men of whom we speak were not born of such women: labor is within the reach of all; if we would avoid national catastrophe, let us work, or our children will be our curse"

[Title Page], p. 3a

Contents, pp. 3a-4a

The song of the birch canoe, Eastman, Charles A., (Ohiyesa) pp. 3-11

Germany as an object lesson in civic achievement: work and discipline the secret of her success, Cory, John pp. 12-19

The far country, Mason, Edward Wilbur p. 19

The fairy faith and pictured music of Pamela Colman Smith, MacDonald, M. Irwin pp. 20-34

The fountain of joy: a story, Van Slyke, Lucille Baldwin pp. 35-43

Stories of the Old West as told and painted by the cow puncher and artist, Ed. Borein, Stewart, A. B. pp. 44-53

The robin and its treatment in the South, Pearson, T. Gilbert pp. 54-59

Modern country homes in England: number twenty-eight, Parker, Barry pp. 60-68

How a neighborhood built its own public school and is making it self-maintaining, Riordon, Raymond pp. 69-74

A new and great craftsman in France, pp. 75-81

Two simple, homelike Craftsman houses for city, suburban or country life, pp. 82-87

Planning the home grounds for beauty and comfort, Root, Ralph Rodney pp. 88-94

Experimental tests in alfalfa planting, p. 94

A practical and comfortable bungalow built by a western architect for his own home, Byers, Charles Alma pp. 95-98

An autumn onion bed, p. 98

Picturesque garden features suitable for modern homes, Graham, Elizabeth C. pp. 99-101

Common plants that are poisonous, p. 102

A practical school for forestry, p. 103

A Craftsman house built on a Kentucky hillside, pp. 104-106

Country life and the old-fashioned farm, pp. 107-108

Pictures through a pinhole, Stewart, Guy R.; Stewart, Helen Queen pp. 109-113

The preservation of food in the home, p. 113

Cypress: its picturesque qualities, and how to finish it, pp. 114-115

What the American farmer can gain by studying European methods, pp. 116-118

"Moonlight schools" in the Kentucky mountains, p. 118

Als ik kan: a school for citizenship, Stickley, Gustav pp. 119-121

"The call of the carpenter", pp. 122-125

Modern country homes in England: by Barry Parker: in book form, p. 125

Book reviews, pp. 125-127

The homes of The craftsman, pp. 128 ff.

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