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The craftsman


The craftsman
Vol. XXII, Number 5
Eastwood, N.Y.: United Crafts, August 1912

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[Frontispiece] Walk in the cemetery of the Santa Barbara Mission, California

[Title page] The craftsman, p. 3a

Contents, pp. 3a-4a

A new architecture in a new land, pp. 465-473

The message of the western pergola to the American home- and garden-makers, Byers, Charles Alma pp. 474-483

Grandmothers, Field, Anne P. L. pp. 484-488

Harvest, Mason, Edward Wilbur p. 488

The indigenous art of California: its pioneer spirit and vigorous growth, Roorbach, Eloise J. pp. 489-496

The mistletoe-woman: a forest story, Shinn, Charles Howard pp. 497-500

Municipal control of street trees in the West, pp. 501-509

Motoring in Southern California, Gaut, Helen Lukens pp. 510-517

Parks for the people: California's wisdom in converting her ancient forests into modern playgrounds, pp. 518-524

Boyhood days with John Burroughs: old friends and college days: part third, Burroughs, Julian pp. 525-531

California's contribution to a national architecture: its significance and beauty as shown in the work of Greene and Greene, architects, pp. 532-547

A ballad of the mendicants, Wilkinson, Marguerite O. B. pp. 548-549

Two Craftsman cottages for small families of simple tastes and moderate means, pp. 550-555

One acre and happiness, as demonstrated by the Littlelanders of San Ysidro Valley, Brennecke, Olga pp. 556-558

The wonderful things one can do in a garden with architectural features, pp. 559-563

Good roads for the nation, p. 563

Flower holders for outdoors and in, Gaut, Helen Lukens pp. 564-567

Terra-cotta garden furniture, pp. 567-568

Als ik kan: what the West means to the nation, Stickley, Gustav pp. 569-571

The new party, pp. 571-572 ff.

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