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The craftsman


The craftsman
Vol. XXII, Number 1
Eastwood, N.Y.: United Crafts, April 1912

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[Frontispiece] The entrance to a simple house in an old-fashioned garden: a study for builders and home-makers

[Title page] The craftsman, p. 3a

Contents, pp. 3a-4a

The betrayal of the people by a false democracy, Borglum, Gutzon pp. 3-9

The saviors of Russia, her men of genius: illustrated by the sculpture of Naoum Aronson, pp. 10-17

How architectural beauty and consistency may help solve economic and social problems, pp. 18-26

Fairy tales, Wilkinson, Marguerite O. B. p. 26

Mary Ann Butler's burial fund: a story, Rabb, Laura S. pp. 27-33

Pergolas as screens for town and village homes, pp. 34-41

The wood-carver's last panel, Shinn, Charles H. pp. 42-45

Seeds, Higgins, Aileen Cleveland p. 45

Value to our nation of the vanishing water birds, denizens of the air, earth and sea, pp. 46-53

Modern country homes in England: number twenty-three, Parker, Barry pp. 54-65

A chant of spring, Ableson, Blanche pp. 66-67

A friendly garden with picturesque features and many flowers, pp. 68-76

The daffodil, Conkling, Grace Hazard p. 77

The vases of Hugo Elmquist, Madden, Eva pp. 78-83

Poverty and wealth, Mason, Edward Wilbur p. 83

Two inexpensive Craftsman concrete cottages, pp. 84-88

How I built my bungalow, Dyer, Charlotte pp. 89-94

How to make a few acres feed you with small initial outlay, Jenkins, W. H. pp. 95-96

Business farmers, p. 96

A bungalow planned for much outdoor living, Byers, Charles Alma pp. 97-98

How a printer bought a five-acre farm with the savings of his salary: and both occupations are being run successfully, Govier, C. W. pp. 99-100

In the wild gardens of California, Hardy, A. S., Mrs. pp. 100-102

Brilliant colors in decorative work: the interest in wool embroideries increases, pp. 103-104

Flowers for the rock garden, pp. 105-106

The protection and propagation of game birds, p. 106

The practical and ornamental grape-vine, pp. 107-108

Herbs for an old-fashioned garden, p. 108

The Craftsman Fireplace: more details about this heating and ventilating system, pp. 109-110

Als ik kan: the meaning of Colonel Roosevelt's candidacy, Stickley, Gustav pp. 111-114

Books received, pp. 114 ff.

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