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The craftsman


The craftsman
Vol. XIX, Number 5
Eastwood, N.Y.: United Crafts, February 1911

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[Frontispiece] "Windy doorstep"

[Title page] The craftsman, p. 3a

Contents, p. 3a

Coöperation to stop the leak between farmer and consumer, Stickley, Gustav pp. 430-431

A shadow, Lewis, Gertrude Russell p. 432

A sculptor who finds his models and friends among the working people, Dorrian, Cecil I. pp. 433-444

A garden city for the man of moderate means, Brush, Edward Hale pp. 445-451

Sculpture important in the National Academy Exhibition for the winter of nineteen hundred and ten, pp. 452-458

The doctor and the cobbler's son, Dyer, Walter A. pp. 459-464

Mr. Coburn's New York photographs, Wells, H. G. pp. 464-[468]

Government protection for farms and orchards: excellent laws against disease and pest seldom enforced, pp. 469-473

Modern country homes in England: number ten, Parker, Barry pp. 474-484

Another talk with the host of Craftsman Farms: the country and long life, pp. 485-488

Spring: a Japanese poem, Fink, Henri p. 488

Web and woof, Rion, Hanna pp. 489-491

The trees, Mason, Edward Wilbur p. 491

The oldest orchestral organization in America: what the Philharmonic Society has done for music in the country, pp. 492-497

Cover crops: fertilizers as well as preservers of existing fertility, Fullerton, H. B. pp. 498-501

The pipe of thought, Baker, Eugene Blaisdell p. 501

Two Craftsman farmhouses: designed from the standpoint of beauty and comfort: a new idea in heating, pp. 502-508

Can alfalfa be grown to advantage in the East?, Fullerton, H. B. pp. 509-511

A living from a three-acre farm: possibilities of health and happiness for the man with small means, Jenkins, W. H. pp. 512-514

Ancient Swiss jewelry: the influence of a military uniform on costume: part two, Van Sommer, J. pp. 515-516

Craftsman library tables and newel-post lighting fixtures, pp. 517-520

Work versus a pension, p. 520

Als ik kan: the place of Christian Science, Stickley, Gustav pp. 521-522

Why "back to the farm"?, pp. 522-524

Reviews, pp. 524-528

Notes, pp. 529-531

Investments and the duty of investigating them for oneself, pp. 532 ff.

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