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The craftsman


The craftsman
Vol. XIX, Number 1
Eastwood, N.Y.: United Crafts, October 1910

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[Frontispiece] Sketch of Tolstoi

[Title page] The craftsman, p. iii

Contents, p. iii

Possibilities of the House of Governors: a body organized to promote uniform state laws on vital questions, Jordan, William George pp. 1-8

Patriotism, Bigelow, Marguerite Ogden p. 9

Naoum Aronson: the individualist among modern Russian sculptors, pp. 10-16

The prince and the maidens three, Dyer, Walter A. pp. 17-21

A New England market restaurant, pp. 22-23

Characteristic portraits of painters by a photographer, O'Sheel, Shaemas pp. 24-32

The mist: an allegory, Ware, Ella M. pp. 33-37

The educational value of experimental farms, Fullerton, H. B. pp. 38-43

Of a friend who died in the spring, Towne, Charles Hanson p. 43

Modern country homes in England: number seven, Parker, Barry pp. 44-54

A country home for the business man: a second visit to Craftsman Farms, pp. 55-62

Roosevelt's definition of "the Square Deal", p. 62

The quest, Conkling, Grace Hazard p. 63

People who interest us: Lieut.-Gen. Sir Robert S. S. Baden-Powell, leader of the English Boy Scouts, pp. 64-[65]

[People who interest us: Ernest Thompson Seton, who has organized the Boy Scout movement in the United States], pp. [66]-67

People who interest us: Clement J. Driscoll, who stands for honest weights and measures, pp. 68-[69]

[People who interest us: Senator Frederick M. Davenport, who is fighting the state machine at Albany], pp. [70]-71

How the real interests of the railroads are served by restrictive legislation, Stickley, Gustav pp. 72-77

Two Craftsman houses for the city, pp. 78-85

A built-over hillside home, Byers, Charles Alma pp. 86-87

The making of decorative lamp shades, Lord, Katharine pp. 88-90

How to water plants, Skinner, Chas. M. p. 90

The October planting of spring-flowering bulbs for the home yard, Thomson, Adeline Thayer pp. 91-93

Woman in rural life, p. 93

Draperies for the dining room: designs in stencil and embroidery, Joor, Harriet pp. 94-95

Craftsman designs for home cabinetmakers, pp. 96-98

Overcoming difficulties in hammering copper, Barnwell, James O'Neill pp. 99-102

A new book for builders of Craftsman homes, p. 102

Als ik kan: why the Craftsman stands for the new nationalism: a forecast for the coming year, Stickley, Gustav pp. 103-105

Notes, pp. 105-107

In praise of cathedrals, Rodin, Auguste pp. 107-109

Reviews, pp. 109-114 ff.

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