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The craftsman


The craftsman
Vol. XVIII, Number 1
Eastwood, N.Y.: United Crafts, April 1910

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[Frontispiece] Portrait of William M. Chase

[Title page] The craftsman, p. iii

Contents, p. iii

Modern country homes in England: number one, Parker, Barry pp. 3-14

[Pictures from the 105th Annual Exhibition of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts], pp. [15]-[20]

The soul of Brünhilde, Winthrop, Marion pp. 21-32

William Merritt Chase: an American master, Roof, Katharine Metcalf pp. 33-45

Craftsman gardens for Craftsman homes, Burnett, Vivian pp. 46-58

Three acres and chains, Dinsmoor, Alice pp. 59-66

Let us embody the American spirit in our architecture, Pond, Irving K. pp. 67-69

Progress of a national building art, as shown in the twenty-fifth annual exhibit of the Architectural League of New York, pp. 70-81

Making good farmers and helping poor farms: a southern school that gives a boy a chance to earn his living by a practical education in agriculture, pp. 82-85

Two Craftsman houses of very simple design that can be built for three thousand dollars and under, pp. 86-93

Floor plans showing arrangement of a house designed by the owner, p. 94

A new house in an old garden, Byers, C. A. pp. 95-99

Bungalow made individual by skilful [skillful] use of mural decoration, pp. 100-106

Possibilities of book-binding as a profession, pp. 106-116

Craftsman designs and models for home cabinetmaking, metal work and needlework, pp. 116-133

Als ik kan: factory work combined with farming, Stickley, Gustav p. 134

Reclaiming abandoned farms, pp. 134-136

The dignity of farming, pp. 136-138

Significance of the Rockefeller Foundation, p. 138

Industrial leaders as legislators, pp. 138-140

Uniform laws for the states, pp. 140-142

Notes, pp. 142-146

Reviews, pp. 146-152 ff.

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