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The craftsman


The craftsman
Vol. XVII, Number 1
Eastwood, N.Y.: United Crafts, October 1909

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[Frontispiece] Mr. Walter Crane

[Title page] The craftsman, p. iii

Contents, pp. iii-iv

An historic house on the Hudson: the silent witness of the growth of American freedom, Curtis, Natalie pp. 3-11

Modern British art, as seen at the Royal Academy and at the Grafton Galleries, MacDonald, M. Irwin pp. 12-24

A trinity, Bigelow, Marguerite Ogden p. 25

Color: a story, Goetchius, Marie Louise pp. 26-32

An afternoon with Walter Crane: his views on the artistic, social and industrial conditions prevailing in England today, MacDonald, M. Irwin pp. 33-45

The new romance of the road, pp. 46-52

The beautiful city, Price, William L. pp. 53-57

A four-hundred-year old cottage in Kent, where Ellen Terry lives in the summertime, pp. 58-65

Nasturtiums, Sutherland, Marjorie p. 65

Vision the source of achievement, Roberts, Mary Fanton pp. 66-73

True education, Carpenter, Edward p. 73

Country houses for all-year use: a two-story bungalow and a little house with big comforts, pp. 74-79

House showing the value of coöperation between the owner and the workmen, pp. 80-[85]

[The lace-makers of Aspley Guise], Bunner, Katharine pp. [86]-89

Interesting modern French work in jewelry and engraved medals, pp. 90-94

A revival of needlecraft: some fresh suggestions for ornamenting bedroom draperies, Brinley, Kathrine Sanger pp. 94-[98]

Lessons in practical cabinetmaking and metal work, pp. 99-103

Als ik kan: the lash of the taskmaster, Stickley, Gustav pp. 104-106

Notes, pp. 106-110

Reviews, pp. 110-112 ff.

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