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The craftsman


Gustav Stickley, Editor
The craftsman
Vol. XVI, Number 5
New York, N.Y.: Gustav Stickley, August 1909

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[Frontispiece] "The people weep": a bronze statue standing at the entrance of the gallery of the Luxembourg in Paris

[Title page] The craftsman, p. iii

Contents, p. iii

The value of outdoor plays to America: through the pageant shall we develop a drama of democracy?, Roberts, Mary Fanton pp. 491-506

The gates of fulfilment, Woods, Mary Katherine pp. 507-509

Four walls, Higgins, Aileen Cleveland p. 509

American artists whose vital work shows the inspiration of native subjects, as seen in the recent water color exhibit in New York, pp. 510-520

Color, Updegraff, Allan p. 520

Such farms as dreams are made of, Dinsmoor, Alice pp. 521-524

"The people weep", p. 525

A renaissance in brickwork: how the modern product of the kiln is recovering from the blight of perfection: lessons to be learned from the ancient brick workers, pp. 526-537

The building of Berrymount: before factory days, McCulloch-Williams, Martha pp. 538-543

The arts and crafts movement in America: work or play?, Batchelder, Ernest A. pp. 544-549

Verdure for the city streets; how the Municipal Art Society is working to beautify New York with plants and flowers, pp. 550-558

Creation myth of the Cochans (Yuma Indians), Curtis, Natalie pp. 559-567

Varied building materials harmoniously blended in two Craftsman houses: interesting color schemes given, pp. 568-575

Split field stone as a valuable aid in the building of attractive bungalows and small houses, Byers, Charles Alma pp. 576-579

Plastic taxidermy: a new method of mounting animals which insures a close presentation of life, and which is at once an art and a craft, pp. 580-584

The history and uses of keramics, pp. 584-586

New use of concrete for garden ornaments, pp. 586-590

Als ik kan: the strength of the trusts lies in the weakness of the people, Stickley, Gustav pp. 591-594

Reviews, pp. 594-600 ff.

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