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The craftsman


Gustav Stickley, Editor
The craftsman
Vol. XVI, Number 1
New York, N.Y.: Gustav Stickley, April 1909

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[Frontispiece] "My daughters Helen and Maria"

[Title page] The craftsman, p. iii

Contents, p. iii

Mural painting in relation to architecture: the importance of establishing an intimacy between the two arts, Price, William L. pp. 3-12

The conqueror, Barker, Elsa p. 12

Joaquin Sorolla y Bastida: a modern Spanish master, Roof, Katharine M. pp. 13-23

The disadvantages of specialization: a method needed which will adapt the whole race knowledge to the common life, Morse, Sidney pp. 24-31

The place of photography among the arts: its progress as revealed in the recent International Exhibition, Edgerton, Giles pp. 32-43

Without, Morse, William Northrop p. 43

How mediƦval craftsmen created beauty by meeting the constructive problems of Gothic architecture, Batchelder, Ernest A. pp. 44-49

A greater sincerity necessary for the true development of American art, Stickley, Gustav pp. 50-59

Carving as an expression of individuality: its purpose in architecture, Batchelder, Ernest A. pp. 60-69

Converting backyards into gardens: the happiness and economy found in cultivating flowers and vegetables, Cranston, Mary Rankin pp. 70-79

The value of permanent architecture as a truthful expression of national character, Stickley, Gustav pp. 80-91

The regeneration of Beacon Hill: how Boston goes about civic improvement, pp. 92-95

Churches built of concrete blocks: a form of construction that is eminently fitted for this purpose, pp. 96-99

Two Craftsman houses for the Home Builders' Club: a bungalow of stone and cement and a suburban house of concrete, pp. 100-106

The proper consideration of lawns and gardens, Byers, C. A. pp. 107-[110]

[The use of water in a little garden], pp. [111]-113

Modern dyestuffs applied to stenciling: number X, Pellew, Charles pp. 114-118

Als ik kan: manual training in the public schools, Stickley, Gustav pp. 119-121

Notes, pp. 121-124

Reviews, pp. 124-128 ff.

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