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The craftsman


Gustav Stickley, Editor
The craftsman
Vol. XIV, Number 4
New York, N.Y.: Gustav Stickley, July 1908
iii, pages 351-460 : illustrations ; 27 cm

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"The spindle"

[Title Page], p. iii

Contents, p. iii

Millet's peasant life as a boy: its influence on his art: told from notes of the late Wyatt Eaton, his friend and pupil, Eaton, Charlotte pp. 351-362

By a fireside, Trine, Grace S. Hyde p. 362

A dominant: a story, Hill, Marion pp. 363-372

Taking stock of our national assets: the far-reaching significance of the White House Conference, Forbes-Lindsay, C. H. pp. 373-382

Oh, ye of the little loves, Pottle, Emery p. 383

In the days of the gourd, Williams, Martha McCulloch pp. 384-387

A house that has the quality of an old homestead: built by Laura Coombs Hills at Newburyport, pp. 388-394

The transplanted Teuton and his amusements, Winthrop, Marion pp. 395-396

Can intensive farming be made practical and profitable for the inexperienced man from the city?, Hollister, Edgar J. pp. 397-403

The little gardens of the east side: how the poor cultivate window boxes, Irwin, Elisabeth A. pp. 404-406

The rural settlement: its social, economic and æsthetic advantages, Forbes-Lindsay, C. H. pp. 407-416

Should the art student think?, Smith, Pamela Colman pp. 417-419

Plaster houses in the Southwest, Hopkins, Una Nixson pp. 420-425

Design in theory and practice: a series of lessons: number X, Batchelder, Ernest A. pp. 426-435

The art of woodcarving: a practical lesson for the beginner, von Rydingsvärd, Karl pp. 436-441

Bungalow furnishings of wood and metal that can be made at home, pp. 442-446

General description and classification of the artificial dyestuffs: number II, Pellew, Charles E. pp. 447-450

Als ik kan: permanent welfare of the farmer, Stickley, Gustav pp. 451-452

Notes, pp. 452-455

Reviews, pp. 455-460 ff.

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