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The craftsman


Gustav Stickley, Editor
The craftsman
Vol. X, Number 5
New York, N.Y.: Gustav Stickley, August 1906

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[Frontispiece] The Hon. Richard John Seddon, late premier of New Zealand

[Title page] The craftsman, p. vii

Contents, pp. vii-viii

A new civilization--what New Zealand has accomplished by her experiments in social and economic legislation, Kelly, Florence Finch pp. 551-[567]

[How Sweden selects and adapts to her own needs the results of world-wide social experiment], Cranston, Mary Rankin pp. [568]-[579]

[A city architect's country retreat: building a home instead of just a house], Smith, Henry Atterbury pp. [580]-584

The bow arm--a story, Donnell, Annie Hamilton pp. 585-592

The art of vine-growing: a Long Island garden that is an object lesson to the home gardener, pp. 593-603

Poet's love--woman's love, Page, Curtis Hidden p. 604

The social service of a city school, Spargo, John pp. 605-613

Reassurance, MacDonald, Elizabeth Roberts p. 613

Simple life in Japan--achieved by contentment of spirit and a true knowledge of art, Glover, Marguerite pp. 614-625

The spiritual regeneration of Dreyfus, Spargo, John pp. 626-629

A craftswoman in agriculture, Badger, Elisa H. pp. 630-637

To improve mortuary sculpture: the cemetery in the hands of the landscape gardener and artist, pp. 638-641

A summer home above the clouds, pp. 642-647

Craftsman house, series of 1906: number VII, pp. 648-657

Home training in cabinet work: practical examples in structural wood working: seventeenth of the series, pp. 658-663

Als ik kan, pp. 664-668

Notes, pp. 668-672

Reviews, pp. 672-675

Our home department: the art quality of smocking, pp. 676-683

Industrial art fancy work, pp. 683-684

The craftsman's open door: suggestions of interest to home-builders and home-makers, pp. 685-688 ff.

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