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The craftsman


Gustav Stickley, Editor
The craftsman
Vol. X, Number 4
New York, N.Y.: Gustav Stickley, July 1906

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[Frontispiece] Accord

[Title page] The craftsman, p. vii

Contents, pp. vii-viii

Building a new city--destruction of San Francisco brings "the Burnham Plan" into fresh prominence, pp. 415-430

[Henrik Ibsen], p. [431]

[Charles Haag--sculptor of toil--kindred spirit to millet and meunier], Spargo, John pp. [432]-442

The beautiful burden, Pottle, Emery pp. 443-454

Russia behind the veil--are we unsympathetic to this vast unfamiliar nation?, Grunwaldt, E. M. pp. 455-[465]

[Boat life in Japan--humble artistic housekeeping on Japanese junks], Glover, Marguerite pp. [466]-[475]

[The riddle of the tall building: has the skyscraper a place in American architecture], Caparn, H. A. pp. [476]-488

The social secretary--an opportunity for employer and employee to understand each other, Cranston, Mary Rankin pp. 489-493

A co-operative village for working people--beautiful and practical and a four per cent. investment, Priestman, Mabel Tuke pp. 494-506

What is architecture?--A study of the American people of today, Sullivan, Louis H. pp. 507-513

Home training in cabinet work: practical examples in structural wood working: sixteenth of the series, pp. 514-519

Craftsman house, series of 1906: number VI, pp. 520-528

Als ik kan, pp. 529-531

Notes, pp. 532-535

Reviews, pp. 536-539

Our home department: Craftsman shower lights, pp. 540-545

Loose cushions for seat furniture, pp. 545-546

The craftsman scrapbook, pp. 547-548 ff.

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