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The craftsman


Gustav Stickley, Editor
The craftsman
Vol. IX, Number 5
Syracuse, N.Y.: Gustav Stickley, February 1906

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[Frontispiece] Jack London

[Title page] The craftsman, p. xi

Contents, pp. xi-xii

Jack London; traveler, novelist and social reformer, Bland, Henry Meade pp. 607-619

What social service means: a clearing house of experience in social and industrial betterment, Strong, Josiah pp. 620-633

Wrought iron of the Renaissance: craftsmanship of the locksmiths of Old N├╝rnberg, Roof, Katharine M. pp. 634-644

The inheritance of art, pp. 644-[646]

The Russian peasant: how and where he lives, Hapgood, Isabel F. pp. 647-662

[Craftsmanship for crippled children: a home-school where they are taught to be skilled workers and are made happy and independent], pp. [663]-674

[The Town Room idea, and the general work of the Massachusetts Civic League during the past year], Hartman, Edward T. pp. [675]-681

The plowman, Sweet, Frank H. pp. 682-686

Swords of many lands, with special reference to Japanese types, Geare, Randolph, I. pp. 687-693

The bedroom and its individuality, pp. 694-704

House in Decatur, Ill., built after Craftsman plans by a member of the Home Builders' Club, pp. 705-712

Craftsman house: series of 1906: number II, pp. 713-719

Home training in cabinet work: practical examples in structural woodworking. Eleventh of the series, pp. 720-725

Als ik kan, pp. 726-728

Notes, pp. 728-730

Reviews, pp. 730-733

The craftsman's open door: suggestions of interest to home-builders and home-makers, pp. 734-740

Our home department: new art in wall papers and friezes, pp. 741-749

New Craftsman designs in needlework, pp. 749-750 ff.

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