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The craftsman


Gustav Stickley, Editor
The craftsman
Vol. IX, Number 4
Syracuse, N.Y.: Gustav Stickley, January 1906

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[Frontispiece] "Christ with the teachers": wood-carving from a Gothic chapel in Rothenburg

[Title page] The craftsman, p. xi

Contents, pp. xi-xii

Dr. Barnardo and his life-work for London waifdom, Tolman, William H. pp. 461-475

Sculpture in wood. Marvelous works of Riemenschneider still to be seen in southern Bavaria, Fanton, Mary Annable pp. 476-[487]

[The boy of today and country life], Burnett, Vivian pp. [488]-494

The new art in photography: work of Clarence H. White, a leader among the photo-secessionists, Bicknell, George pp. 495-510

The San Francisco of the future as planned by Daniel H. Burnham, builder of cities, Law, Herbert E. pp. 511-521

The keynote of Morris's art doctrine, Morris, William p. 521

The angel in the stone: a story, Roof, Katharine Metcalf pp. 522-529

The spirit of art, Wiley, Edwin p. 529

The hall and its importance in the modern house, pp. 530-[538]

Value of beauty as a municipal asset is proving a factor in the advance of civic art, Woodruff, Clinton Rogers pp. 539-544

Values of life among wage-earners, Betts, Lillian W. p. 544

Modern application of the art of damaskeening in Japan, Janes, Flora Oakley pp. 545-550

The revelation of work, Phillips, John Herbert pp. 550-[552]

[Picturesque bridges over Chinese waterways], Rodgers, Viola pp. [553]-557

Home training in cabinet work: practical examples of structural wood working: tenth of the series, pp. 558-565

Craftsman house: series of 1906. Number I, pp. 566-576

Als ik kan, pp. 577-581

Notes, pp. 581-583

Reviews, pp. 583-586

The craftsman's open door: suggestions of interest to home-builders and home-makers, pp. 587-594

Our home department, pp. 595-600

The craftsman's scrapbook, pp. 600-604 ff.

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