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The craftsman


The craftsman
Vol. IX, Number 2
Syracuse, N.Y.: Gustav Stickley, November 1905

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[Frontispiece] Ambassador Witte, Mrs. Frederick Dent Grant, T. J. Oakley Rhinelander, General Frederick Dent Grant, Baron Rosen

[Title page] The craftsman, p. xi

Contents, pp. xi-xii

Ambassador Sergyei Iulitch Witte: Russia's man of the hour, Hapgood, Isabel F. pp. 157-165

The meaning of it all, Carpenter, Edward p. 165

The Garden City Cheap Cottages Exhibition, Salmon, Lucy M. pp. 166-179

The development of the hardy Japanese, Griffis, William Elliot pp. 180-201

The advance of civic art in Baltimore, Dannenberg, Joseph pp. 202-217

The way of the pushcart man, Smith, Bertha H. pp. 218-228

The dining room as a center of hospitality and good cheer, pp. 229-[240]

The philosophy of graft, p. 241

Yamei Kin and her mission to the Chinese people, MacGregor, James Kay pp. 242-[249]

[The typical American Indian in bronze: work of a young Californian scultor [sculptor]], Baltimore, J. Mayne pp. [250]-251

The common chord: a Thanksgiving story, Joor, Harriet pp. 252-260

Equality: from letters of labor and love, Jones, Samuel M. p. 261

Craftsman house: series of 1905, number XI, pp. 262-271

Home training in cabinet work. Practical examples of structural wood workings: eighth of the series, pp. 272-277

Als ik kan, pp. 278-279

Notes, pp. 279-282

Reviews, pp. 282-284

The open door: suggestions of interest to home-builders and home-makers, pp. 285-294

Our home department, pp. 295-299

Somes uses of metal work, pp. 299-304

Extracts from our correspondence, pp. 304 ff.

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