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The craftsman


The craftsman
Vol. VIII, Number 5
Syracuse, N.Y.: Gustav Stickley, August 1905

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[Frontispiece] Portrait of John Burroughs

[Title page] The craftsman, p. vii

Contents, p. vii

A day with John Burroughs at Riverby and Slabsides, on the Hudson, pp. 565-583

Municipal art in American cities: San Francisco, Keeler, Charles pp. 584-[602]

The new art: a personal and creative art, Shean, Charles M. pp. 603-610

[Bird studies and pictures from life with the camera], Finley, William Lovell; Bohlman, Herman T. pp. [611]-622

Two women who collaborate in sculpture, Smith, Bertha H. pp. 623-633

The architectural discussion, Walton, William pp. 634-638

Character in architecture, Parker, H. Hanley p. 639

Aboriginal American homes: brush, mud, and willow dwellings, James, George Wharton pp. 640-649

Froggy's long swim: midsummer verses for adventurous boys, Warner, Hannah p. 650

The White Memorial: erected by the citizens of Syracuse to the memory of Hamilton Salisbury White, pp. 651-[657]

[Indian handicrafts], Eastman, Charles A. pp. [658]-663

Home training in cabinet work: practical talks on structural wood working: sixth of the series, pp. 663-671

Craftsman house: series of 1905, number VIII, pp. 672-683

Als ik kan: art true and false, pp. 684-690

Notes, pp. 690-692

Reviews, pp. 692-693

The open door, pp. 694-698

Our home department, pp. 699-704

Craftsman needlework, pp. 704-711

Correspondence corner, pp. 712 ff.

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