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The craftsman


The craftsman
Vol. VIII, Number 4
Syracuse, N.Y.: Gustav Stickley, July 1905

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[Frontispiece] Portrait of Henrik Ibsen

[Title page] The craftsman, p. vii

Contents, p. vii

Henrik Ibsen; the poet, philosopher, dramatist and revolutionist, von Ende, Amelia pp. 421-436

[Constantin Meunier, a sculptor of the people], Howe, Samuel pp. [437]-445

Watertown Suburban Park: the gift of an unknown donor, pp. 446-[452]

The architectural discussion: form and function artistically considered, Sullivan, Louis H. pp. 453-458

Aboriginal American homes: cave, cliff and brush dwellings in New Mexico, Arizona and California, James, George Wharton pp. 459-471

Clio Hinton Bracken, woman sculptor and symbolist of the new art, Fanton, Mary Annable pp. 472-481

The river, p. 481

Abraham Lincoln as a craftsman in words, pp. 482-[489]

[Harvard's Germanic Museum], Coburn, Frederick W. pp. [490]-[496]

[Paul de Longpré, flower painter], pp. [497]-510

Old world friendliness between man and nature, Maurer, Margaret Fenn pp. 511-519

In memoriam, Mrs. Jacob A. Riis, p. 520

Dustless air: a practical method of air filtration, Baker, Joseph Cheney pp. 521-523

Home training in cabinet work: the texture and qualities of natural woods, their individuality and friendliness: fifth of the series, pp. 524-534

Craftsman house: series of 1905, number VII, pp. 535-543

Als ik kan, p. 544

Notes, pp. 545-547

Reviews, pp. 547-548

The open door, pp. 549-554

Our home department, pp. 555-562 ff.

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