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The craftsman


The craftsman
Vol. V, No. 3
Syracuse, N.Y.: United Crafts, December 1903
pages 207-320 : illustrations ; 27 cm

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The shepherds


[Title Page], p. 207

The sacred ciphers, Coleman, Caryl pp. 207-212

Sermons in sun-dried bricks, Ellis, Harvey pp. 212-216

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Work in a factory, Morris, William pp. 245-253

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An appreciation of the work of Robert Jarvie, pp. 271-276

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Art-needlework in Newcomb College, pp. 282-286

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The child benefited by simple toys, pp. 298-304

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Chips from the Craftsman workshop, pp. 309-315

Recent exhibitions of arts and crafts societies, pp. 315-316

Notes, p. 316

Correspondence, pp. 316-318

Memorable in the November magazines, pp. 318-320 ff.

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