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Gleanings of natural history, containing figures of quadrupeds, birds, insects, plants, etc


Edwards, George, 1694-1773.
Gleanings of natural history, containing figures of quadrupeds, birds, insects, plants, etc
Part III
London: Royal College of Physicians, 1764
7 v.

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[Title page] Gleanings of natural history, containing figures of quadrupeds, birds, insects, plants, etc. most of which have not, till now, been either figured or described

[Dedication] To the right honourable Earl of Ferrers, Viscount Tamworth, fellow of the Royal Society, etc.

[Acknowledgements] Names of subscribers added since the publication of the second part of this work

Preface, pp. [i]-vii ff.

[Chap. CI. Pla. 311. The middle-sized black monkey; Le singe noir de moyenne grosseur], pp. [Plate] 311-222

Chap. CII. Pla. 312. The bush-tailed monkey; Le singe à queuë toussuë, pp. 222-223

Chap. CIII. Pla. 313 The great green maccaw; Le gros arras vert, pp. 224-225

Chap. CIV. Pla. 314. The blue-headed parrot; Le perroquet à tete bleue, pp. 226-227

Chap. CV. Pla. 315. The little dusky parrot; Le petit perroquet noiratre, pp. 227-228 ff.

[Chap. CVI. Pla. 316. The great black cockatoo; Le grand cacatua noir], pp. [Plate] 316-230

Chap. CVII. Pla. 317. The lesser white cockatoo with a yellow crest; Le petit cacatua blanc à crete jaune, pp. 230-231

Chap. CVIII. Pla. 318. The grey pye of Brasil, etc.; Le pie grise de Bresil, etc., pp. 231-234

Chap. CIX. Pla. 319. The black and yellow daw of Brasil; La pie noire et jaune du Bresil, pp. 234-235

Chap. CX. Pla. 320. The blue and green daw; La pie bleue et verte, pp. 236-237

Chap. CXI. Pla. 321. The green pye of the Isle of Ceylon; La pie verte de l'Isle de Ceylon, pp. 237-238 ff.

[Chap. CXII. Pla. 322. The yellow-winged pye, and greatest locust; La pie aux ailes jaunes, et la grande sauterelle], pp. [Plate] 322-240 ff.

[Chap. CXIII. Pla. 323. The yellow-headed starling, etc.; L'etourneau à tete jaune, etc.], pp. [Plate] 323-242

Chap. CXIV. Pla. 324. The short-tailed pye, etc.; La pie à la courte queuë, etc., pp. 242-244 ff.

[Chap. CXV. Pla. 325. The crested long-tailed pye; La pie hupée à longue queuë], pp. [Plate] 325-247

Chap. CXVI. Pla. 326. The blue jay from the East-Indies; Le geai bleu des Indes Orientales, pp. 247-248 ff.

[Chap. CXVII. Pla. 327. The swallow-tailed Indian roller; Le rollier des Indes à queuë d'hirondelle], pp. [Plate] 327-250 ff.

[Chap. CXVIII. Pla. 328. The Brasilian saw-billed roller; Le rollier au bec edentelé du Bresil], pp. [Plate] 328-253

Chap. CXIX. Pla. 329. The yellow-breasted toucan; Le toucan à gorge jaune, pp. 253-254 ff.

[Chap. CXX. Pla. 330. The green toucan; Le toucan verd], pp. [Plate] 330-256

Chap. CXXI. Pla. 331. The yellow-bellied green cuckow; Le coucou vert au ventre jaune, pp. 256-258

Chap. CXXII. Pla. 332. The red-cheeked wood-pecker; Le piverd ou grimpereau à rouge-joue, pp. 258-259

Chap. CXXIII. Pla. 333. The yellow wood-pecker with black spots; Le piverd ou grimpereau jaune avec des taches noires, pp. 259-261

Chap. CXXIV. Pla. 334. The jacamaciri of Marcgrave; Le jacamaciri de Marcgrave, pp. 261-262

Chap. CXXV. Pla. 335. The spotted king's-fisher, etc.; Le martin-pecheur tacheté, etc., pp. 262-264

Chap. CXXVI. Pla. 336. The crested king's-fisher, etc.; Le martin-pecheur hupé, pp. 264-266 ff.

[Chap. CXXVII. Pla. 337. The turkey-pheasant, a mixed species; Le phaisan-dindon, espece melée], pp. [Plate] 337-269

Chap. CXXVIII. Pla. 338. The great crowned Indian pigeon; Le gros pigeon couronné des Indes, pp. 269-271

Chap. CXXIX. Pla. 339. The pigeon from the Isle of Nicobar; Le pigeon de l'Isle de Nicobar, pp. 271-273

Chap. CXXX. Pla. 340. The cock purple-breasted manakin, etc.; Le manakin à gorge pourprée, etc., pp. 273-274 ff.

[Chap. CXXXI. Pla. 341. The pompadour; La pompadour], pp. [Plate] 341-276

Chap. CXXXII. Pla. 342. The shirley, etc.; Le shirlée, etc., pp. 276-278

Chap. CXXXIII. Pla. 343. The scarlet sparrow, etc.; Le moineau ecarlat, etc., pp. 278-279

Chap. CXXXIV. Pla. 344. The white-faced manakin, and the ruby-crested humming-bird; Le manakin au visage blanc, et le colibri à crete couleur de rubi, pp. 280-281

Chap. CXXXV. Pla. 345. The hoopoe; La huppe, pp. 282-283

Chap. CXXXVI. Pla. 346. The wall-creeper of Surinam, etc.; Le grimpereau de muraille de Surinam, etc., pp. 284-285

Chap. CXXXVII. Pla. 347. The red-breasted green creeper, and the spotted green creeper, etc.; Le grimpereau vert à la gorge rouge, et le grimpereau vert tacheté, etc., pp. 285-287

Chap. CXXXVIII. Pla. 348. The black and white fly-catcher, and the all-green creeper; La moucherolle noire et blanche, et le grimpereau tout vert, pp. 287-288 ff.

[Chap. CXXXIX. Pla. 349. The tit-mouse of paradise, etc.; Le mesange du paradis, etc.], pp. [Plate] 349-291

Chap. CXL. Pla. 350. The black and blue tit-mouse, etc.; La mesange noire et bleue, etc., pp. 292-293

Chap. CXLI. Pla. 351. The sayacu, and the guira guacuberaba of Marcgrave; Le sayacu, et le guira guacuberaba de Marcgrave, pp. 293-295

Chap. CXLII. Pla. 352. The yellow red-pole, and the black gros-beak; Le rouge-tete jaune, et le gros-bec noir, pp. 295-297

Chap. CXLIII. Pla. 353. The black or dusky sparrows; Les moineaux noirs ou noiratres, pp. 297-298 ff.

[Chap. CXLIV. Pla. 354. The little sparrow, and the wax-bill; Le petit moineau, et le senegali rayé], pp. [Plate] 354-300 ff.

[Chap. CXLV. Pla. 355. The amadavad, and the white-breasted Indian sparrow; L'amadavad, et le moineau à la poitrine blanche des Indes], pp. [Plate] 355-303

Chap. CXLVI. Pla. 356. The lesser ibis, and the animal-plant or polype; Le petit ibis, et la plante- animale ou le polype, pp. 303-305

Chap. CXLVII. Pla. 357. The spur-winged water-hen of Brasil; Le chirurgien du Bresil, pp. 305-307

Chap. CXLVIII. Pla. 358. The puffin, and the razor-bill; Le macareux, et le pingoin, pp. 307-312 ff.

[Chap. CXLIX. Pla. 359. The puffin of the Isle of Man, and the guillemot; Le puffin de l'Isle de Man, et le guillemot], pp. [Plate] 359-316

Chap. CL. Pla. 360. The round-crested duck, the greater dobchick, and the all-green humming-bird; L'harle à crete ronde, la grosse grebe, et le colibri entierement vert, pp. 316-320

Chap. CLI. Pla. 361. The wall-creeper, or spider-catcher; Le grimpereau de muraille, pp. 320-322

Chap. CLII. Pla. 362. The black linnet, the olive-coloured linnet, and the yellow-bellied creeper; Le tangara noir de la guinée, le tangara olive, et le grimpereau, ou le sucrier, pp. 322-324

A catalogue of the names of the birds, beasts, insects, etc. figured in the third part of gleanings, etc. in English, French, and Latin, pp. [325]-347 ff.


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