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A collection of roses from nature


Lawrance, Mary, -1830
A collection of roses from nature
London: Miss Lawrance, 1799
8 unnumbered pages, 91 leaves of plates : chiefly illustrations (etchings) ; 40 x 32 cm

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[Frontispiece] Frontispiece

[Title page] A collection of roses from nature


Pl. 1: Rosa provincialis, blush province rose, pp. Pl. 1 ff.

Pl. 2: Rosa centifolia, double velvet rose, pp. Pl. 2 ff.

Pl. 3: Rosa carolina, double burnet leav'd rose, pp. Pl. 3 ff.

Pl. 4: Rosa provincialis, white provence rose, pp. Pl. 4 ff.

Pl. 5: Rosa damascena, red monthly rose, pp. Pl. 5 ff.

Pl. 6: Rosa lutea bicolor, Austrian rose, pp. Pl. 6 ff.

Pl. 7: Rosa gallica, royal virgin rose, pp. Pl. 7 ff.

Pl. 8: Rosa provincialis, common provence rose, pp. Pl. 8 ff.

Pl. 9: Rosa pendulina, rose without thorns, pp. Pl. 9 ff.

Pl. 10: Rosa damascena, York and Lancaster rose, pp. Pl. 10 ff.

Pl. 11: Rosa centifolia, Dutch hundred leaved rose, pp. Pl. 11 ff.

Pl. 12: Rosa lutea, single yellow rose, pp. Pl. 12 ff.

Pl. 13: Rosa gallica versicolor, rosa mundi, pp. Pl. 13 ff.

Pl. 14: Rosa muscosa, moss provence rose, pp. Pl. 14 ff.

Pl. 15: Rosa spinosissima, striped flowered Scotch rose, pp. Pl. 15 ff.

Pl. 16: Rosa gallica, red officinal rose, pp. Pl. 16 ff.

Pl. 17: Rosa damascena, white monthly rose, pp. Pl. 17 ff.

Pl. 18: Rosa damascena, blush monthly rose, pp. Pl. 18 ff.

Pl. 19: Rosa spinosissima, tall Scotch rose, pp. Pl. 19 ff.

Pl. 20: Rosa centifolia, bishop rose, pp. Pl. 20 ff.

Pl. 12 [i.e. 21]: Rosa provincialis, Blandford or Portugal rose, pp. Pl. 12 [Pl. 21] ff.

Pl. 22: Rosa provincialis, scarlet provence rose, pp. Pl. 22 ff.

Pl. 23: Rosa alba, cluster maidens blush rose, pp. Pl. 23 ff.

Pl. 24: Rosa carolina, single burnet leaved rose, pp. Pl. 24 ff.

Pl. 25: Rosa alba, double white rose, pp. Pl. 25 ff.

Pl. 26: Rosa simperflorens, blush China rose, pp. Pl. 26 ff.

Pl. 27: Rosa blanda, Labradore rose or Hudson Bay rose, pp. Pl. 27 ff.

Pl. 28: Rosa simperflorens, dark China rose, pp. Pl. 28 ff.

Pl. 29: Rosa villosa, double apple bearing rose, pp. Pl. 29 ff.

Pl. 30: Rosa alpina, or alpine rose, pp. Pl. 30 ff.

Pl. 31: Rosa provincialis, or rose de meaux, pp. Pl. 31 ff.

Pl. 32: Rosa alba, great maidens blush rose, pp. Pl. 32 ff.

Pl. 33: Rosa villosa, single apple bearing rose, pp. Pl. 33 ff.

Pl. 34: Rosa cinnamomia, double cinnamon rose, pp. Pl. 34 ff.

Pl. 35: Rosa centifolia, sultan rose, pp. Pl. 35 ff.

Pl. 36: Rosa carolina, upright Caroline rose, pp. Pl. 36 ff.

Pl. 37: Rosa alba, single white rose, pp. Pl. 37 ff.

Pl. 38: Rosa damascena, red damask rose, pp. Pl. 38 ff.

Pl. 39: Rosa centifolia, Pluto rose, pp. Pl. 39 ff.

Pl. 40: Rosa centifolia, blush hundred leaved rose, pp. Pl. 40 ff.

Pl. 41: Rosa rubiginosa, Mannings blush sweet briar, pp. Pl. 41 ff.

Pl. 42: Rosa ferox, hedge-hog rose, pp. Pl. 42 ff.

Pl. 43: Rosa provincialis, Childing provence rose, pp. Pl. 43 ff.

Pl. 44: Rosa centifolia, burgundy rosa, pp. Pl. 44 ff.

Pl. 45: Rosa simpervirens, ever green rose, pp. Pl. 45 ff.

Pl. 46: Rosa centifolia, Stepney rose, pp. Pl. 46 ff.

Pl. 47: Rosa centifolia, blush royal rose, pp. Pl. 47 ff.

Pl. 48: Rosa spinosissima, common Scotch rose, pp. Pl. 48 ff.

Pl. 49: Rosa gallica, Grant rose, pp. Pl. 49 ff.

Pl. 50: Rosa provincialis, or rose de pompon, pp. Pl. 50 ff.

Pl. 51: Rosa centifolia, single velvet rose, pp. Pl. 51 ff.

Pl. 52: Rosa damascena, blush damask rose, pp. Pl. 52 ff.

Pl. 53: Rosa moschata, double musk rose, pp. Pl. 53 ff.

Pl. 54: Rosa carolina, spreading Carolina rose, pp. Pl. 54 ff.

Pl. 55: Rosa centifolia, petit hundred leaved rose, pp. Pl. 55 ff.

Pl. 56: Rosa rubiginosa, common sweet briar rose, pp. Pl. 56 ff.

Pl. 57: Rosa gallica, marbled rose, pp. Pl. 57 ff.

Pl. 58: Rosa damascena, great royal rose, pp. Pl. 58 ff.

Pl. 59: Rosa centifolia, cardinal rose, pp. Pl. 59 ff.

Pl. 60: Rosa canina, double dog rose, pp. Pl. 60 ff.

Pl. 61: Rosa rubiginosa, double red sweet briar, pp. Pl. 61 ff.

Pl. 62: Rosa spinosissima, red Scotch rose, pp. Pl. 62 ff.

Pl. 63: Rosa spinosissima, double Scotch rose, pp. Pl. 63 ff.

Pl. 64: Rosa moschata, single musk rose, pp. Pl. 64 ff.

Pl. 65: Rosa rubiginosa, semi double sweet briar, pp. Pl. 65 ff.

Pl. 66: Rosa carolina, double Pensylvanian rose, pp. Pl. 66 ff.

Pl. 67: Rosa centifolia, Lisbon rose, pp. Pl. 67 ff.

Pl. 68: Rosa carolina, single Pensylvanian rose, pp. Pl. 68 ff.

Pl. 63 [i.e. 69]: Rosa turbinata, Frankfort rose, pp. Pl. 63 [Pl. 69] ff.

Pl. 70: Rosa damascena, blush Belgick rose, pp. Pl. 70 ff.

Pl. 71: Rosa provincialis, rose de Rheims, pp. Pl. 71 ff.

Pl. 72: Rosa rubiginosa, double mossy sweet briar, pp. Pl. 72 ff.

Pl. 73: Rosa centifolia, monstrous hundred leaved rose, pp. Pl. 73 ff.

Pl. 74: Rosa rubiginosa, royal sweet briar, pp. Pl. 74 ff.

Pl. 75: Rosa alpina, red alpine rose, pp. Pl. 75 ff.

Pl. 76: Rosa provincialis, Shailer provence rose, pp. Pl. 76 ff.

Pl. 77: Rosa sulphurea, double yellow rose, pp. Pl. 77 ff.

Pl. 78: Rosa spinosissima, marbled Scotch rose, pp. Pl. 78 ff.

Pl. 79: Rosa centifolia discolor, two colour'd hundred leaved rose, pp. Pl. 79 ff.

Pl. 80: Rosa damascena, Goliah rose, pp. Pl. 80 ff.

Pl. 81: Rosa canina, dog rose or hip tree, pp. Pl. 81 ff.

Pl. 82: Rosa centifolia, fringe rose, pp. Pl. 82 ff.

Pl. 83: Rosa damascena, red Belgick rose, pp. Pl. 83 ff.

Pl. 84: Rosa luceda, single white China rose, pp. Pl. 84 ff.

Pl. 85: Rosa centifolia, singleton hundred leaved rose, pp. Pl. 85 ff.

Pl. 86: Rosa arvensis, white dog rose, pp. Pl. 86 ff.

Pl. 87: Rosa centifolia, plicate rose, pp. Pl. 87 ff.

Pl. 88: Rosa provincialis, rose St. Francis, pp. Pl. 88 ff.

Pl. 89: Rosa centifolia, shell rose, pp. Pl. 89 ff.

Pl. 90: Rosa damascena, imperial blush rose, p. Pl. 90

Rosa. gen. pl. 631


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