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The lure of the antique


Dyer, Walter A. (Walter Alden), 1878-1943
The lure of the antique
New York: The Century Company, 1910
xii, 499 p. incl. plates. : front. ; 22 cm.

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[Frontispiece] The light of other days, p. [ii]

[Title page] The lure of the antique, pp. [iii]-[iv]

Acknowledgment, pp. [v]-[vi]

[Contents] Contents, pp. [vii]-[viii]

[Contents] List of illustrations, pp. ix-xii

[Half-title] The lure of the antique, pp. [1]-[2]

Chapter I: The quest for the old and beautiful, pp. 3-22

Chapter II: Old chairs in modern houses, pp. 23-55

Chapter III: Old desks and secretaries, pp. 56-[66]

Chapter IV: Tables and sideboards, pp. 67-[98]

Chapter V: Four-poster bedsteads and others, pp. 99-117

Chapter VI: Some old clocks, pp. 118-147

Chapter VII: The looking-glasses of a hundred years ago, pp. 148-171

Chapter VIII: Old lamps and candlesticks, pp. 172-191

Chapter IX: Old blue Staffordshire, pp. 192-226

Chapter X: The beautiful pottery of Wedgwood, pp. 227-252

Chapter XI: Luster-ware, pp. 253-271

Chapter XII: Lowestoft - the porcelains - salt-glaze, pp. 272-[308]

Chapter XIII: English and American glassware, pp. 309-335

Chapter XIV: Bohemian glassware, pp. 336-347

Chapter XV: The collecting of old silverware, pp. 348-375

Chapter XVI: The pewter on the dresser, pp. 376-[408]

Chapter XVII: Sheffield plate, pp. 409-[432]

Chapter XVIII: Old brass and copper utensils, pp. 433-445

Chapter XIX: Where ancient back-logs glowed, pp. 446-[466]

Chapter XX: The truth about antique furniture, pp. 467-488

Index, pp. [489]-499

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