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The craftsman
Volume XXXI, Number 3 (December 1916)

Montgomery, Margaret
Building for comfort,   pp. 289-10a PDF (2.9 MB)

Page 289

F my neighbors had only been recon-
   ciled to the typical small rented
   house they might have missed the
   joy of building according to their
own ideals. They would have paid their
rent each month for half of a double
house, for a tiny front porch, a narrow
four foot entrance hall with its straight
flight of stairs, a parlor by the side of
the hall, back of that the dining-room,
farther back the kitchen, and still farther
back the tiny latticed porch.
i"I know the type so well," sighed the
mother in my neighbor's family after the
second day of house hunting, "that if I
opened the front door, blindfolded, I
could go to any room of the house. We
might perhaps be satisfied if only we
cculd find a house in which the tunnel
hall was five feet wide instead of four, or
discover a five foot cupboard space in-
stead of four, but that seems too much to
ask of a rented house."
,But my neighbors had to live some-
where, so at last, after diligent search,
they found a little house 28x3o feet which
was out of the domain of the common-
place, and in due time they moved in
cheerily and arranged their belongings to
the best of their ability. It was some-
what trying to find that the doors were
so placed that they clashed, and that the
windows were inserted in regard to ap-
pearance from the outside and not with
any consideration of the disposal of fur-
niture.  The exclamation of visitors,
"Such an artistic little house," undoubt-
edly helped them over a great many of
the annoyances of living in that house,
though all the time they were uncom-
fortably conscious of the fact that careless
house-planning had added unnecessary
steps to the work.
  Then came a cold snap that froze all
the pipes, and at the same time came a
polite little note from the landlord wish-

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