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The craftsman
Volume XXX, Number 2 (May 1916)

Ten excellent birds: good friends of the farmer: coming bird days and weeks,   pp. 220-221 PDF (482.8 KB)

Page 220

its train of imitators. Many are the imita- THE NEW  ARCHITECT
tions of linen on the market that fade at
the first bright sun, many are the "pure"  THE WEST
silks and velvets with cotton backs, that        (Continued from page 151.)
though they look well enough in the begin- lighted by sun rays. It blends
ning will not stand the least hard service. ly with the clear atmosphere
of t
The best of the imitation materials on the  it is inexpensive, easily handled
market is a fabric to be used in the place of  almost any known wood, for
it d
leather, which is now so difficult to obtain,  when standing in the ground
The automobile manufacturers, czars of  ject to continued dampness. Spli
the business world, must have whatever  narrow shingles called shakes, o
they want whether there is anything left  clapboards, it makes strikingl3
for others or not. Fashion has decreed that houses. Furniture of simple lii
leather upholstery was the correct thing be- made of it, and though it is
cause it was pliable enough to be tufted, or varnished or bitten by acids
because it wore longer than anything else   gray tone it is more often left
and because it could be dyed to match any   lusterless beauty. Redwood h.
body color. The shoemakers need such a  as natural a part of the forest
tremendous amount of leather that the price as a tawny mushroom or gray s
of shoes will soon be so prohibitive that   lightful little home-made cottag
we will all be forced to the fine, old-time wood are to be found all through
comfortable, beautiful and healthful san-   They cost their owners but a
dals and moccasins. In the shop windows  dollars. These camps or week-
we see many feverish attempts of manufac-   are the very apple of the pe
turers to provide substitutes, "something   Everybody has one and lives
just as good," for leather. Canvas, velvet, pier than any king, enjoying
a si
brocades, alligator skins, even rattlesnake healthy life, breathing eucalyptu
and python skins, all strive in vain to take scented air, resting full length
its place. Theaters solve the difficulty by starred grass, bathing in the
making attractive slip covers for the old   streams. As contrast to these
leather seats. They certainly look well  comfortable, lovable little camp
and have the virtue of being immaculately   can be built for three or four
clean.                                      and that look as picturesque
  Chair makers are able to use all sorts  as any bird's nest, are beautiful
of lovely material at certain times, yet at concrete for people possessed
others there is nothing but leather that will  acres, built with every modern
serve the purpose. Thus their necessity has and every device for creating
created the most ingenious makeshifts or  fountains, swimming pools, sun
substitutes.                                door dancing courts and lawn
  One manufacturer makes an artificial  tea houses, art galleries and a
leather that never claims to be anything  other wonderful things that co
else. It can be washed without injury, is   elaborate and luxurious living.
flexible, durable as the real leather, for it TENEXCELLENT BIRD
has as a base a specially woven fabric of
great strength. In appearance Fabrikoid is FRIENDS  OF   THE     Fi
rich and luxurious looking. Chairs, couches, C 0 MI N G   BIRD  DAY
theater cushions covered with it have as
elegant an appearance and give as good  WEEKS
service as the genuine leather. It is not a ", THAT are the ten besi
fraud, a base imitation, but a special crea-      the farmer, and why;
tion to supply the need born of the scarcity   V   any careful student
of leather. One of the old schemes in-                it would    be   imp,
vented as substitute for strong leather  answer except tentatively and v
skins was to split the skins into thin sheets, pletely, notwithstanding recent
but naturally this reduced its strength so  economic biology. With reveren
that it was impractical for heavy wear. ture and her ancient order, we 1
Fabrikoid with its tough foundation is as   the balance between birds, mami
strong as the original skin.            shrubs, seeds, unnumbered and
he country,
nd outlag
ioes not r6t
when sub.
t into long;,
r into long
nes is .als
iently oiled
to a soft
in its own
ouses look
and canyon
stone. De-
,es of red-.
w hundred
end houses
ople's eye.
herein hap.
.mple, free,
s and pine.
in flower-
myriads of
homes that
red dollarM
palaces o.
of manq
eauty, with
arlors, out-
ntribute to
tbirds for-
?" T *h,;nL-

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