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The craftsman
Vol. VII, No. 5 (February 1905)

The open door,   pp. 626-634 ff. PDF (2.7 MB)

Page 626

"There's a new foot on the floor, my friend,
And a new face at the door, my friend
     A nerw face at the door."
HE         abiding purpose to make the
       Open Door department increasingly
       attractive, from month to month, is
strengthened and helped by the cordial
favor and courtesy of The Craftsman's
natural allies in the arts, crafts and indus-
tries represented in its business pages.
   These informal and friendly home-mes-
sages are also welcome at the fireside and
offices, as we have good reason to know, and
we hope the readers will not hesitate to
avail themselves of further information, by
writing for the booklets and catalogues is-
sued by the advertisers, and also, that they
will not forget to mention THE- CRAFTS-
   Meanwhile The Open Door will con-
tinue wide open to the enterprising adver-
tising patrons of THE CRAFTSMAN, free of
charge, and with a cordial welcome to all
suggestions that will help to make these
home-messages more interesting.
HOME TRAINING             In THE CRAFTSMAN for January and February, 1904,
IN CABINET-WORK presented some of Mr. Stickley's simpler designs of chairs,
                          benches, tables, etc. It was our intention, at
the time, to
continue the series, but the press of other things compelled the turning
aside from our
    Since then we have received so many requests to continue this work that
we have
now made plans for a more thorough series, under the above title, going from
the sim-
pler to the more difficult forms, in a natural evolution of structural integrity,
in both
design and workmanship.
    Mr. Stickley's views of construction and decoration will be useful to
the cabinet-
maker, the layman and the beginner, and will be fully illustrated with plans
and meas-
ured drawings, plainly described for practical guidance.
    These practical lessons in wood-working will be of special interest to
the young folk,
as well as all parents and teachers who appreciate the need of encouraging
boys and
girls in the training of both the head and the hand.
    With very little assistance on the part of their elders, the taste and
instincts of the
 young for things mechanical, as well as the ability to execute properly,
can be fostered

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