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Thornton, Robert John (1768?-1837) / Temple of Flora, or, Garden of the botanist, poet, painter, and philosopher.

Lines Addressed to Doctor Thornton, on his Temple of Flora.

THORNTON, while polish'd Darwin a tells
 The loves of FLORA's gaudy train,
'Tis thine to guard from time's decay
 The fading glories of her reign.
Thy GARDEN of perpetual bloom
 No change of threat'ning skies can fear;
Nor dashing rains, nor chilling blasts,
 Can reach the lovely fav'rites here.
Bright TULIPA in form as fair,
 As on the lap of Nature shines;
As gaily spreads each opening flow'r,
 As soft each varying tint combines;
Whether in Asia's sun-bright soil
 The Nymph her crimson chalice b rears,
Or 'mid Batavia's fost'ring clime c
 In every added charm appears.
Here view august, in conscious pride,
 The ALOE lift her standard high;
Swell in full pomp her cluster'd flowers,
 Resolv'd to triumph ere she die.
There CEREA, rich in countless charms,
 Spreads to the moon her golden ray;
Nor fears that, ere yon orb descends,
 Each blooming grace should fade away.
Behold, in realms of endless spring,
 MIMOSA's beauteous form arise;
While, circling round on festive wing,
 The ruby-throated spoiler flies.
Here, floating on the evening air,
 Fair PASSIFLORA scents the gale;
Expands her crowns of sapphire blue,
 And softly waves her petals pale.
                  FLORA, well pleas'd at Art's success,
                    Each imitative grace shall see;
                  And CUPID, with approving smile,
                    Shall twine his choicest Wreaths for THEE.
         DR. SHAW,                                                      
                            British Museum.
Author of "THE LOVES OF THE PLANTS." b Alluding to the CANNA INDICA.
 C Alluding to the Group of HYACINTHS.

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