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Jones, Inigo, 1573-1652; Charleton, Walter, 1619-1707; Webb, John, 1611-1672 / The most notable antiquity of Great Britain, vulgarly called Stone-Heng, on Salisbury Plain, restored, by Inigo Jones ... To which are added, the Chorea gigantum, or Stone-Heng restored to the Danes, by Doctor Charleton; and Mr. Webb’s Vindication of Stone-Heng restored, in answer to Dr. Charleton’s reflections; with observations upon the orders and rules of architecture in use among the ancient Romans. Before the whole are prefixed, certain memoirs relating to the life of Inigo Jones; with his effigies, engrav’d by Hollar; as also Dr. Charleton’s, by P. Lombart; and four new views of Stone-Heng, in its present situation: with above twenty other copper-plates, and a compleat index to the entire collection

Memoirs relating to the life and writings of Inigo Jones, esq.

                    Relating to the
    INIGO                0       E S,. Eij,
              R. Ingo Yones was the Son of Mr.,I na-
              tius jones, Citizen and Cl6thworker of
              London. He was born about the Yearx 7 z,
              in the Neighbou rhood of Sr. Paul's Ca-
              thedral.  'Tis obfervable,: his Chriflian
              Name is in IVpan f, and'his Father's in
Latin for which fome have aflign'd this Reafon,  that as
his Father was a confiderable Dealer in the Woollen-Ma-
nufa&ury, 'tis probable, fome-Span;fl Merchanti might
have aflifted at his Baptifm.
   There is no certain Account in what Manner he pfsd his
younger Years, or where, or by whom he was brought; up;
It has however been fuggefted, that his Education sli-
beral, and that he laid the firt Foundations of his future
Knowledge in the Univerfity of Cambridge.  But there
feems to be no other Ground for this Suppofition, than a
bare Conjedure. This indeed we know, that he was early
diftinguiffi'd by his Inclination to Drawing or Defigning, and
was particularly taken notice of for his SkilL in the Pradice
of Landfkip-Painting. 'Twas his Progrefs in thefe More
curious Arts, that recommended him to the Favour 'of that

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