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Edwards, George, 1694-1773. / A natural history of birds. Most of which have not been figur'd or describ'd, and others very little known from obscure or too brief descriptions without figures, or from figures very ill design'd.
[Part I] (1743)

The long-tail'd blak-cap [black-cap] huming [humming] bird ; The dusky and yellow swallow-tail'd butter-fly,   pp. 34-[Plate] 34 ff.

Page 34

( 34 )
T      H  IS Bird is engraved of its natural Bignefs; it hath a longer Tail
than the laft
T     defcribed; the two long Feathers being of a loofe, foft Texture, eafily
and flowing with the leaR Breath of Air; what is remarkable in the Tail is,
that thefe
two fine Feathers are the outermoft but one on each Side, having a leffer
fliff Feather
under them, as well as above, the better to fupport them, which is fingular.
So far as
my Obfervation reaches, all Birds, whofe Tail-feathers differ in Length,
have either the
two middlemoft or the two outermoft the longefl, as in the Swallow and Magpye;
Bill is thicker at the Baris than in moft of this Kind, pretty long, ending
in a Point, a
little bowed downward, of a yellow Colour, with a black Point ; the Crown
of the
Head, and beginning of the Neck behind, is of a black Colour, with Something
of a
bluifh Glofs; the Throat, Breaft, and Belly, are cover'd with Green Feathers,
to Blue, of a firm Subftance, lying clofe and regular like the Scales of
Fifhes, and of
fo fine a Surface, that they refleCt the Light as doth burnished Gold; the
Feathers on
the Back are of a loofer Make, of a yellower Green, not having the bright
Lufire of
the Breafi; the Wings are of a brownifh Purple, having, in foule Lights,
a brighter
bluifh purple CaR; the Ridge of the Wing from the Shoulder, a good way down,
white; the Tail is black or dusky, the Feathers increafing in Length from
the middle-
mofi to the outermoft fave one, which is about five Times longer than any
of the reft;
the Legs, Feet, and Claws, are black.
Mr. P. Golinfon obliged me with a Sight of this Bird. I faw another that
came with
it, in the Repofitory of the Royal Society, which differ'd only a little
in Size from this.
They were brought from JIamaica. I never could find above ten Feathers in
the Tail
of any Bird of this Genus.
The dusky and yellow Swallow-tail'd B u T T E R-F L Y..
T    HIS Fly was given me by Dr. R. M. Maq/Jy, who told me he had it from
Maryland. The Ground of the Body and Wings are of a dirty dark Brown,
barred and fpotted (as the Print will direft better than the Defcription)
with Yellow,
or rather Brimftone-colour; all the Spots and Marks on the whole Fly being
;xcept two Half-moon-like Spots neareR the Point of the Tail, which are bright

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