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Edwards, George, 1694-1773. / A natural history of birds. Most of which have not been figur'd or describ'd, and others very little known from obscure or too brief descriptions without figures, or from figures very ill design'd.
[Part I] (1743)

The long-tail'd red huming-bird [humming-bird] ; The little brown huming-bird [humming-bird],   pp. 32-[Plate] 32 ff.

Page 32

( 32 )
T      IH I S Bird is one of the largeft of the Kind I have met with, as
well as the moft
T     beautiful; it is here fignr'd of its natural Bignefs: I believe it
had loft one of
the long Feathers of the Tail, becaufe I never obferv'd any Bird to have
an odd or fingle
Feather in its Tail, that had not its like or fellow. The Bill of this Bird
is long, {lender,
and bowed down toward the Point, of a black Colour; the Head, and upper Part
the Neck are Black, with a fhining Lufire; the Throat is of the moft fplendid
one can conceive, being Green fhining with the Lufire of polifh'd Gold; below
Green is a black femi-lunar Line parting it from the Breaft, which is of
a Rofe-colour;
the Back and Covert-feathers of the Wings are Red, but more inclining to
Orange than
the Breaft; the Quills and Row of Coverts next above them, are of a dull
colour; the Tail hath two long Feathers in the middle, of the fame Purple
with the
Wings; the Side-feathers of the Tail are redifh Orange like the Back; the
lower Part
of the Back, Rump, and Coverts of the Tail, are of a fine Green-colour; the
Legs and
Feet are Black; it hath very fhort Legs, and four Toes, flanding three forward
and one
backward, as all of this Kind have.
H I S is one of the lea{t of the Huimii~g-Bird Kind I have met with, being
j    bigger than the upper Figure in this P'late reprcefnts it ; the Bill
is long, flknder,
a little bowed or bent downward ; the upper Mandible longer than the nether,
of a dark
or black Colour; the lower Mandible is Flefh-colour'd toward the Head, black
at the
Point ; the Top of the Head is dirty Brown, fpotted with bright Brown ; the
Sides of the Head, all round the Neck, Breaft and Belly, are of a bright
Bay or dirty
Orange-colour; under the Eye is a rfioke of dark Brown or Black, and bnile
dark Spots
in the middle of the Breaft ; the Back, and upper Part of the Wings, are
of a dirty
brown Colour, intermixed with brighter yellowish Brown; the Quills and Tail-feathers
(except the middle Feathers, which are brown) are of a dirty Purple-colour;
the Legs,
Feet, and Claws, black.
1 think this is the only Bird of this Genus that hath no Green nor fhining
ILulire mixed in its Feathers. Thefe Birds are preferved in the Cabinet of
his Grace the
Duke of Ric/hmond. They were brought from Surinam.

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