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Edwards, George, 1694-1773. / A natural history of birds. Most of which have not been figur'd or describ'd, and others very little known from obscure or too brief descriptions without figures, or from figures very ill design'd.
[Part I] (1743)

The cock cold finch ; The hen cold finch,   pp. 30-[Plate] 30 ff.

Page 30

( 30 )
The Cock C O L D F I N C H.
-   RHI S is the Baccafigo or Ficedula Tertia of Aldrovand. The Bird is of
T     Shape and Bignefs of the uppermoft Figure in the Plate; the Bill is
firaight, and of a black Colour; the Eye is Hazel-colour'd; on the Forehead,
a little
above the Bill, is a white Spot; the Crown, Sides of the Head, upper-part
of the
Neck and Back, are Black; the Rump and Coverts of the Tail are black and
mixed; the whole under-fide is pure White; the Covert-feathers of the Wings
Brown, as are the outermofl Quills; the inner Quills next the Body, have
their exterior
Webs White, the interior Black; the Tips of the Covert-feathers next above
Quills, are White; which, together with the White on the Quills, form a large
Spot ; the Edges of the outer Quills are of a lighter Brown than the other
Parts of
the Feathers; the middle Part of the Tail is Black, but the outermoft Feathers
each Side have the outer Shafts White, the next Feathers to them are White
only to-
ward their Bottoms ; the Legs, Feet, and Claws, are Black.
R* NA0 is* e *A 4P 4 %. V* HAe *A *Ar HAe sAkf *A 0- Af % 4AV Nut  e  0,>
The Hen          C O L D FI N C H.
T      H E  Bill, Eyes, Legs, Feet, and whole under-fide of the Body, agree
that above; the Top of the Head, Neck, Back, Rump, and leffer Coverts of
the Wings, are of a dirty greenifh Brown; the greater Quills are Brown; the
or thofe next the Back, have the outer Webs yellowilh White, the inner Dusky;
Girfi Row of Coverts above the Quills is Black, with white Tips; which, with
White irn the Quills, make a white Spot in the Wing; the Sides under the
Winy, and.
the Covert-feathers within-fide of the Wings in both Birds are White; the
Feathers of the Tail are Dusky, the outer edg'd with White. I take this to
be the
Hen of the Bird above defcrib'd; tho' Willoughby's Defcription mentions the
which might proceed from this Caufe, that the Cocks and Hens, in fome Birds,
in their
firft Feathers differ hardly at all; tho' when they have moulted, there is
a great Difference
as in thefe, the Head and Back in the one is Black, in the other a brownifh
Green or Olive;
in other things they agree pretty well.
I could find no Figures of thefe fcarce Birds, tho' we have Defcriptions,
therefore I
thought they might be acceptable to the Curious: They are Ibmething otherwife
fcribed in Wfilloughby than I have done them; but I do not choofe to repeat
the De-
fcriptions of others, (though better than mine) when I have Nature belbre
me. Thefe
Birds were lent me by Kf!hor Jf hite, Efil; who procur'd them from the Peak
in Dcrbj-
This lafi Bird is defcrib'd in JJMilloiqghby, p. 236. by the Name of Cold
Einchb; but
as his Defcription differs iomething from 'uine: I fiipedt that his was taken
from the
Cock-Bird, before it had moulted its firfit Feathers. Thefe Birds wvere {hot

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