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Edwards, George, 1694-1773. / A natural history of birds : most of which have not been figur'd or describ'd, and others very little known from obscure or too brief descriptions without figures, or from figures very ill design'd
[Part I] (1743)

The green-wing'd dove,   pp. 14-[Plate] 14 ff.

Page 14

( '4 )
The    GREEN-WING 'D             DovE.
T     H I S Dove is represented in the Plate of its natural Bignefs: It is
T    rather round than long-body'd; the Tail and Wings not fo long
as in moft kind of Doves. I think it the mofI beautiful of all the Dove-
kind I have hitherto feen. The Bill is near an Inch long and pretty
flender, of a Scarlet-colour, from the Point to the NofIrils, both upper
and under Chaps; from the Nofirils to the Head of a pale Blue, a little
Rifing in the upper Part; the Eye is of a dark Colour; the Forehead is
white, from which proceed two white Lines above the Eyes, towards the
hinder Part of the H-ead; the Crown of the Head is of a bluifh Colour;
the Sides of the Head, Neck and Breaft, are of a Rofe-colour, tho' the
hind Part of the Neck gradually changes to a more dirty Colour; the-
Belly is of a dirty Orange-colour, which infenfibly foftens into and unites
with the Rofe-colour of the Breaft; the upper Side of the Wings are of
a fine Green-colour in fome Lights, which in other Pofitions to the-
Light, appear of a fplendid Copper-colour, or a Colour more inclining
to Gold; the greater Quills are of a dirty Black; the Shoulder or Ridge
of the Wing is fpotted with fmall white Spots; among the Covert-
feathers of the Wing, on one Side only, was a fingle white Feather;
the Sides, under the Wings, are of the fame Colour with the Belly;
the Covert-feathers, within-fide of the Wings, are of a dark Cinnamon-
colour; the inner Webs of the Quills from their Bottoms, for a good
way towards their Tips, are alfo tinged of a Cinnamon-colour, other-
wife they are of a dusky Black ; the middle of the Back is of a dirty
Brown; the lower Part of the Back, and the Feathers covering the Tail,
are Afh-colour; the middle Feathers of the Tail are Black; the outer
Feathers Afh-colour, with black Tips; the Legs and Feet are of a Red-
colour, fuch as is common to moft of the Pigeon-kind; the Claws are:
light Brown.
This Dove was prefented to Mr. 7ohbn Jfarner, Merchant in Rozherhith,
at Whofe Houfe I took a Draught of it. He told me it was brought
from the Ea/ Indies.  I faw another of thefe Birds, kept fome. time in,
a, Cage at Sir, Hns Sloane's.
;~~~~~~~~~~~~2 ?aS,

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