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The mirror of the graces, or, the English lady's costume : combining and harmonizing taste and judgment, elegance and grace, modesty, simplicity and economy, with fashion in dress : and adapting the various articles of female embellishments to different ages, forms, and complexions, to the seasons of the year, rank, and situation in life : with useful advice on female accomplishments, politeness, and manners, the cultivation of the mind and the disposition and carriage of the body : offering also the most efficacious means of preserving beauty, health, and loveliness : the whole according with the general principles of nature and rules of propriety

Notes explanatory,   pp. 235-241 ff.

Page 235

IN the elegant style which the Author of this trea-
tise has adopted to delineate the fashions of the day,
as well as the general and invariable principles of taste
and judgment in adorning the fair, she could not help
making use of several expressions, the meaning" of
which may not be obvious to all those who will find a
delight in perusing her book. The Editor, therefore,
has thought that a few explanatury notes would be of
advantage to all classes of readers, as they will, he
trusts, afford instruction to the young and inexperi-
enced, and, at the same time, help the recollection of
past knowledge in thor wi1   might have in part for-
gotten the meaning of namea in, and allusions to, an-
cient and modern history.
  Page 2e2.-Sacharissa.]   Lady Dorothy    Sydney,
highly celebrated under this fictitious name by Wal-
ler, who, " a widower at the age of 35 years, felt for
her that tender passion which gave birth to verses that
made her beauty triumph over time. The Poet, how.
ever, not being so successful in his addresses to Sacha-
rissa as he had been in the elegant strains with which
she had inspired him, her marriage with Lord Spencer,
Earl of Sunderland, was celebrated at Penhurst,- on
the 2oth of July, 1639." Gallery of British Portraits.
  s6. The garb of childhood the foundation of a just pro-

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