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Hogarth, William, 1697-1764 / The analysis of beauty : written with a view of fixing the fluctuating ideas of taste

Chap. XII: of light and shade, and the manner in which objects are explained to the eye by them,   pp. 93-106

Page 93

C H A P. XII. 
Of LIGHT and SHADE, and the manner in which 
ojects are explained to the eye by them. 
ALTH O U G H both this and the next chapter may 
feem more particularly relative to the art of paint- 
ing, than any of the foregoing; yet, as hitherto, I have 
endeavour'd to be underftood by every reader, fo here 
alfo I fhall avoid, as much as the fubjecl will permit, 
fpeaking of what would only be well-conceived by 
There is fuch a fubtile variety in the nature of ap- 
pearances, that probably we ihall not-be able to gain 
much ground by this enquiry, unlefs we exert and ap- 
ply the full ufe of every fenfe, that will convey to us 
any information concerning them. 
So far as'we have already gone, the fenfe of feeling, 
as well as that of feeing, hath been apply'd to; fo that 
perhaps a man born blind, may, by his better touch 
than is common to thofe who have their fight, together 
with the regular procefs that has been here given of 
lines, fo feel out the nature of forms, as to make a to- 
lerable judgment of what is beautiful to fight. 
Here again our other fenfes muff affiff us, notwith- 
flanding in this chapter we fhall be more confined to 
what is communicated to the eye by rays of light; and 
tho' things muff now be confider'd as appearances only; 

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