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Bishop, J. Leander (John Leander), 1820-1868 / A history of American manufactures from 1608 to 1860 : exhibiting the origin and growth of the principal mechanic arts and manufactures, from the earliest colonial period to the adoption of the Constitution ; and comprising annals of the industry of the United States in machinery, manufactures and useful arts, with a notice of the important inventions, tariffs, and the results of each decennial census
Volume 3 (1868)

Manufactures of Middletown, Conn.,   pp. 445-446

Page 445

the Waterbury Button Company; the Lane Manufacturing Company,
which makes Buttons ; Oakville Company, solid headed Pins; Hitch-
cock & Castle, Buttons and Hooks and Eyes; American Ring Co.;
E. Robinson & Son, cloth Buttons; Waterbury Buckle Co.; Waterbury
Gas Light Co.; Maltby, Morton & Co., manufacturers of Ivory and
Steel carriage Trimmings, fine Pearl, Vest, and Ladies' Dress Buttons;
Charles W. Johnson, manufacturer of Machinery; H1. A. Mathews, Car-
riage and Harness Trimmings; the Farrel Foundry and Machine Com-
pany ; the City Manufacturing Company, which makes patent Lamp
Tops and Tubes ; Steel & Johnson, Manufacturing Company, Metal
Buttons and Jewelry; D. B. Hurd, Button Eyes, Backs, and Staples;
and the Waterville Knife Company, manufacturers of Pocket Cutlery.
MIDDLETOWN, situated on the west bank of the Connecticut River,
fourteen miles south from Hartford, has several important manufactories,
especially of Firearms, Gum Elastic Suspenders, Hardware, Pumps and
other hydraulic machines.
The manufacture of Firearms is carried on by the Alsop's & Savage
Firearms Manufacturing Companies, gun-locks by Tra A. Johnson, gun-
barrels by Peter H1. Ashton, and cartridges by Do Witt Sage. All these
shops are now busily employed.
The first manufactory of Gum Elastic Suspenders established in the
United States, was, we believe, that of the Russel Manufacturing Com-
pany at Middletown. This Company has now five mills, and makes
Suspenders, Patent Solid Belting, Patent Cord Clothing, Girth, Roller
Rein, and Boot Webs, to the amount of $300,000. George HI. Hurlbut
is Treasurer of the Company. Suspender Twist, Thread and Yarn, are
made by the Falls Manufacturing Company, of which S. G. Hurlbut is
Machinery and various articles in metals are, as is usual in Connecticut,
made at several establishments. The two principal machine shops are
those of William Stroud and the Sanseer Manufacturing Company
(C. F. Browning, Treas.), who also manufacture Cast Iron Bolts; Locks
are made by William Wilcox & Co. ; Grommets, Thimbles, and Clews
by J. K. Penfield & Son ; and Patent Iron Grommets and Galvanized
Iron Clews and Thimbles, by Wilcox & Hall. Blind Fastenings and
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