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Elwell, Newton W. / Colonial silverware of the 17th and 18th centuries, comprising solid sets, small wares, candelabras, communion service, etc.
([ca. 1899])

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Plate i. Old Salem Silver.
"c   2. Collection of Old Silver from Maryland, 1776.
It  3. Collection of Silver from Portsmouth and Salem, 1775.
cc  4. Silver Punch Bowl, Punch Strainer, and other pieces, Baltimore, Md., and Silver Pieces
from Portsmouth, N. H.
"t   5. Silver Hot Water Urns from Portsmouth and Baltimore.
"t   6. Elaborate Silver Stand for Cut Flowers, and Old Silver Sugar Bowls from Maryland.
"t  7. Teaset and Richly Engraved Salver, formerly owned by Gov. Eustis.
"c  8. Teaset from Salem, and Silver Vase and Slop Bowls, Baltimore.
"t   9. Richly Decorated Sugar and Cream Objects, Maryland.
tio. Large Silver Hot Water Urns, Baltimore, Md.
"t  IT. Tea Caddy, Tea-pot, and Toast Rack, Sugar, Slop Bowl, Mustard and Asparagus Tongs,
formerly owned by Gov. Eustis.
"c12. St. John's Church Communion Set, Portsmouth, N. H. Given to the Church by Queen
Caroline, 1747-
"c  13. Silverware from Portsmouth and Salem, 1797.
"t  14. Silver Set from Providence, R. I., and Set from Salem.
"c  15. Sideboard with Old Cut Glass and Family Silver, Baltimore.
i16. Richly Embossed Family Silver, and Collection of Melon Pattern, Portsmouth.
"t  17. Silver Tankard, South Parish Church, Sept. 27, 1760, and Candelabra, Norfolk, Va.
i 8.   Pitcher, Candelabra, and Hot Water Urns, Baltimore, Md.
"t  19. Candlesticks, Snuffers, and Trays, Portsmouth; and Elaborate Silver Candelabra, Decan-
ters, etc., Baltimore, Md.
"t20. Silver Bowl, Mug, Cream and Porringer, Roxbury, Mass.; and Silver and Cut Glass Epergne,
Baltimore, Md.
21. Two interesting Sets from Salem, date about 1795.
22. Silver Hot Water Urns, Baltimore, Md.
23. Candelabra, Soup Dish, etc., Washington, D. C.; Silver in Charleston, S. C.
24. Silver Pieces in Salem and Baltimore.
25. Silverware in Salem and Baltimore.
26. Old Family Silver, Brooklynwood, Md.
27. Silver Tea-pots and Creamer, Portsmouth, and Salem Silver.
28. Silver from Maryland, and Portsmouth, N. H.
29. Collection of Silver Tankards and Spoons, Salem.
30. Communion Service of Old North Church, Boston.    Presented by King George II., date
31. Communion Set, King's Chapel, Boston, showing Pieces by Paul Revere, 1798.
32. Communion Service, Arlington Street Church, Boston, 1729.
33. Communion Service, Christ Church, Cambridge, Mass. Given by King William and Queen
Mary to Rev. Samuel Myles, 1694, for the use in King's Chapel; transferred by Gov.
Hutchinson, 1772, to Cambridge.
"t  34. Communion Service, Old South Church, Boston, 1730.
"t  35. The Oldest Pieces, Old South Church, Boston, 1730.
"t  36. Candelabra from a Church in Russian Poland.
"c  37. Flagons and Silver Candlesticks, 1750.
"t38. Collection in Salem, 1795.
39. Two Teasets in Portsmouth, 1785-
40. A Collection of Old Silver from Southern States.

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