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Chippendale, Thomas, 1718-1779 / The gentleman and cabinet-maker's director: being a large collection of the most elegant and useful designs of household furniture in the Gothic, Chinese and modern taste.

The preface,   pp. iii-vi

Page iii

[ iii ] 
OF all the ARTS which are either improved or ornamented 
by Architecture, that of CABINET-MAKING is 
not only the mosr useful and ornamental, but capable of receiving as 
great assistance from it as any whatever.  I have therefore prefixed to 
the following designs a short explanation of the five Orders.  Without 
an acquaintance with this sciencw, and some knowledge of the rules 
of Perspective, the Cabinet-maker cannot make the designs of his 
work intelligible, nor shew, in a little compass, the whole conduct 
and effect of the piece.  These, therefore, ought to be carefully 
studied by every one who would excel in this branch, since they are 
the very soul and basis of his art. 
THE Title-Page has already called the following work, The 
Genleman and Cabinet-Maker's Director, as being calculated to assist 
the one in the choice, and the other in the execution of the designs ; 
which are so contrived, that if no one drawing should singly answer 
the Gentleman's taste, there will yet be found a variety of hints 
sufficient to construct a new one. 
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