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Bonaparte, Charles Lucian, 1803-1857 / American ornithology, or, The natural history of birds inhabiting the United States, not given by Wilson : with figures drawn, engraved, and coloured, from nature
Vol. III (1828)

Sharp-tailed grous. Tetrao phasianellus. Plate XIX,   pp. 37-46 ff.

Page 37

Plate XIX.
7trphsandllu     LINN. Ft ed. 10 p. f160. GMEL. tSy! I, P. 747. FPowr.
Phil.  1. LXHII, pp. 394 and 425.,, LATE. Ind. Oro. p. 635, Sp. 2. -BEMS
&i*L p. 9. 1)M&m. Id. GA  in ffwt. Pig. 8f Gall. III, p. 702. VnrL.
Diet. Hi. Nat. SAtNi, Zool. App. to Rankl. Exptd. p. 681. NOB. Cat. Birds
V S. Sp. 208. ID. Sn. Bird. U. S. Sp. 209.
Tetrao urogalluu, var. p, LImii. S4. I, P. 273, Sp. 1.
Geffite  I tongue q-we. BUFF. Ai.' II, P. 286. SOoN. BUJJ VI p. 17%f BOA.
.1b1. Ey.  Orn. p. 196, T1. 91, fig. 1.
Francofin c lngue quewe, HEARNE, VOy.  'a dI  N   (F  ranL) p. 386.
Tetraphasianelk, Tzmx. Pig. et Gal. III, p. 152.
Long-taied Grdu., EDWARDS, Gean. P1, 117. LATH. Syn. IV, P. 732. ID. 0Sup
Sharpti   Gos, PENN. .ret. ZAoo Sp. S 181.
TheOrue, or Prairie Urn, Laws and CLARK, Eap. II P. 180, Sp. I.
Philadphia Museum, Female.
My Colleion, Male and Female.
THAIS speciesd of   Grous, thou     long   sin   said to inhabit
Virginia, is in fact a recent acquisition to the Faun         of the
Uifted States; for it was only through an awkward istnke
that it was ever attributed to that country.      Mitchell, upon an
inspection of Edwards's bad drawing of this bird, mista        ing it
for the Ru fd Grous of that and the neighbouring states, declared
it to be an inhabitatt of:Virginia; and upon his authority Edwards
gave it as such.     This statement however le4     Wilson into the
erroneous belide of the identity of the two species, in whc         e
was further confirmed, when afterthei most careful reseairhes he
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