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The journal of design and manufactures
Vol. VI (1852)

Original papers: The Swiney Prize-difficulties of connecting art and manufacture,   pp. 35-37

Page 35

Original Papers: The Swiney Prire. 
ri inal Vapers. 
Tars beautiful goblet, designed by one of the most poetic and skilful of
British artists, manufactured by perhaps the first manufacturers in precious
metals, and produced un- 
der the sanction of the 
Society of Arts, furmishes 
an ample text for a sermon 
on the difculties of con- 
necting art and manufac- 
ture, which  at present 
exist in this country. 
The history of its pro- 
duction is curious and 
instructive. An   eccen- 
tric old gentleman, Dr. 
Swiney, made a liberal 
bequest to the Society of 
Arts, on the condition 
that once in every five 
years a goblet of the 
value of one hundred 
guineas, containing one 
hundred guineas, should 
be presented to the au- 
thor of the best pulished 
treatise  on   Jurispru- 
dence. The award was 
to be made jointly by 
the members of the So- 
ciety of Arts and the 
Fellows of the College 
of Physicians,. The first 
award came due in 1849, 
and it was agreed that 
the subject of the essay 
should be Medical Juris- 
prudence. The prize was 
given to Dr. Paris and 
J. M. Fonblanque, Esq., 
joint authors of a work 
on   Medical   Jurispru- 
dence. But as there were 
two claimants, two gob- 
lets, instead of one, were 
prepared, each   holdingN 
fifty guineas, and pre- 
sented to these gentle- 
For two or three years 
before the period arrived 
when the goblet would 
be wanted, the Society of                          - - 
Arts endeavoured to oh- 
tain a suitable design, and 
offered a prize of twenty 
guineas fbr it. Many designs were submitted, but all of them were quit 
unworthy of the object. For three years the Socicty continued to beseech
world to come forward and submit a suitable design for a goblet, but nothinli
Journal of Design. No. 32, October, 1851.                     r 

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