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The craftsman
Vol. V, No. 5 (February 1904)

Announcement of the homebuilders club,   pp. 524 ff. PDF (467.0 KB)

Page 524

the same time, they are picturesque and
decorative. They will instruct the visitor
to Boston, by showing him the real signifi-
cance of such features as the "Park En-
trance to the Subway," the "Charles Em-
bankment," and the "Agassiz Bridge on
the Bay Fens," which last illustrates the
redemption of a tidal marsh and its change
into a blooming expanse of upland scenery.
  The Club Woman, under the editorship
of Mrs. Dor6 Lyon of New York, is a use-
ful and influential organ of a movement
which has already wrought much good in
our country, and whose promises are even
greater than its accomplishments. The
magazine bears evidence of thorough or-
ganization, and of the guidance of a firm
and skilful hand. Its table of contents for
January contains two articles by residents
of Syracuse; one by Miss Grace Potter, an
intelligent lover of horses; the second, a
fairy tale of more than usual merit by Mrs.
Flora Wells.
N response to many letters of inquiry
     regarding  the Homebuilders' Club,
     The Craftsman gives the subjoined
     outline of the purpose of this organi-
  Beginning with the January number and
continuing throughout the year 1904, The
Craftsman Magazine will publish designs
and descriptions of detached residences, the
cost of which will vary from two to fifteen
thousand dollars: one complete house to be
presented in each issue.
   Any one interested in the building of a
home is invited to join the club.
  Any one who shall send three dollars, for
one year's subscription to The Craftsman
Magazine, stating that he desires enroll-
ment in the Club, will be added to its
membership. He can then secure, without
further cost, complete, detailed plans and
specifications of any one house included in
The Craftsman Series for 1904.
  Present subscribers may obtain the same
terms by sending three dollars for one
year's extension to their subscription.
  The prospective homebuilder need not
wait until the last issue of the year 1904,
before making his request for the plans
and specifications which he shall choose.
These can be obtained by him within two
months after the date of the issue publish-
ing the house to which they belong,
  The "complete plans and specifications"
here described, are intended to supplement
the articles which will be published in The
Craftsman. They will be so specific and
detailed that they may be executed easily
by any architect or builder.
  One set of plans only will be sent upon
request to each member: the various draw-
ings explaining every part of the struct-
ural and mechanical work, including treat-
ment of heating, lighting and plumbing
systems, to become the property of the Club
Member, and not to be returned to The
  The architectural Editors of the Maga-
zine invite suggestions of personal prefer-
ence from any member of the Club regard-
ing the design in which he is interested;
such as those relative to cost, locality and
site; as by this means, the home-builder will
be able to command skill, experience and
practical knowledge in conjunction with
his individual inclinations.

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