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The craftsman
Vol. V, No. 5 (February 1904)

Manual training and the development of taste,   pp. 513-517 PDF (1.3 MB)

Page 513

   Swas announced at the beginning of
         the year, The Craftsman will
         publish in each issue for 1904, an
         illustrated article designed to meet
the needs of amateur craftsmen, such as are
included- among the pupils of our public
views and working drawings of certain sim-
ple pieces of cabinet-making.
  The present article, second in the series
of twelve, supplements the first by offering
illustrations of a number of objects of
household furniture which are usually con-
structed of wood. These illustrations will
be followed in the future by still other exam-
ples, until a number and variety of pieces
schools, or yet older persons who turn to
manual exercise as a productive and useful
means of recreation.
  The first article, as will be found by refer-
once to the January number of the maga-
zine, beside announcing the plan to be fol-
lowed in the series, contains perspective
shall be presented, sufficient to meet the
needs of a modest home. Subsequently, the
lessons, for such these articles are intended
to be, will be directed toward the production
of metal work, and the treatment of simple
fabrics as an effective and beautiful means
of household decoration.

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