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The craftsman
Vol. II, No. 1 (April 1902)

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T   HE Publishers of "The Craftsman" proceed with
      great satisfaction to the issue of their April number.
The kind attention awakened by the new publication in
literary and technical circles, both at home and abroad,
encourage them to yet greater effort.
                         They judge the papers herein
offered upon the various arts and crafts connected with
book-binding and book-printing to be most timely, be-
cause of the active interest regarding them now' every-
where prevailing.
                         Hereafter notices and criticism
of Arts and Crafts Exhibitions will form a special feature
of the Magazine, and all information bearing upon them,
wherever they may occur, is solicited by the Editors.
                         The May number of "The
Craftsman " will be devoted to a series of papers upon
metal work and clock-making. In addition to the editorial
writings, there will appear two articles by Samuel Howe:
the one entitled "Enamel Work," and the other a criti-
cism of the Drake Collection of Russian brass and copper.
Another paper of interest will be contributed by Miss
Amalie Busck, whose experience in the art of which she
will write, can not fail to prove valuable to workers in
metal. The Magazine will also contain a number of in-
teresting illustrations, and no pains will be spared to make
it an acceptable and creditable issue.

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