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Repton, Humphry, 1752-1818 / Fragments on the theory and practice of landscape gardening: including some remarks on Grecian and Gothic architecture, collected from various manuscripts, in the possession of the different noblemen and gentlemen, for whose use they were originally written; the whole tending to establish fixed principles in the respective arts

Report concerning a villa near a common, in the north of England,   pp. 74-76

Page 74

useful when the heavy dews on the lawn render grass walks
almost inaccessible.
It happens at Streatham, that a long range of offices, stablesi
and farm buildings, fronts the south, and seems to call for the
expedient by which it may be best hid, viz. a continued co-
vered way, extending a vista from the green-house annexed to
the drawing-room; houses of every kind for Grapes, Peaches,
Strawberries, Vines, &c. &c. to any extent, may here be added,
without darkening the windows, which may be lighted under
the glass, and a low skreen of flowering shrubs in summer will
sufficiently hide this long range of winter comfort, without in-
tercepting the rays of the sun.
THE scenery and ituations, which I have been called in to im-
prove, are not more diversified than are the characters of those
to whom they belong; and were I to relate the difficulties
attending my endeavours to meet the wishes of all my friends,
this volume might perhaps be deemed a libel. Some who
never meant to follow my advice, or even to do any thing to

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