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Edwards, George, 1694-1773. / A natural history of birds. Most of which have not been figur'd or describ'd, and others very little known from obscure or too brief descriptions without figures, or from figures very ill design'd.
[Part I] (1743)

The gowry bird,   pp. 40-[Plate] 40 ff.

Page 40

( 40 )
The G o w R Y B I R D.
T      H I S Bird is of the Groos-beck or Finch-kind, of the Size here re-
prefented.  Allir has figur'd a Bird fomething like this, and
makes it the Hen of another Bird he has placed it with; he calls it a
(Ɵhnref Sparrow in his fiJ7ory of Birds, V0o. 2. Tab. 5 .  I do not
it the Hen of the Bird he has figur'd with it. I have feen feveral of thefe
Birds at Dr. Monroe's, and at other Gentlemen's Houfes, and I find they
vary pretty much, as do the little Indian Birds call'd Amadelats: So that
every Bird would require a feparate Defcription.  The Bird here under-
defcrib'd, was one of the fineft I have met with; the Bill is of the Shape
and Bignefs of our Green-Finch's Bill, of a Lead-colour, yet the Bird
exceedeth not half the Size of the Green-Finch; the Eyes are of a dark
Hazel-colour; the Head, Neck, beginning of the Breaft, Back, Wings,
and Tail, are of a dark redifh Brown; the fore Part of the Neck hath
fomething of a purplifh Caft, the greater Quills are of a dirtier Brown
than the reft of the Wing, the Rump is of a lighter greenifh Brown;
the Breaft, quite acrofs, and the Belly on the Sides, is black, thickly
Wrinkled with fmall round white Spots, of the Size of Rape-feed, fome
a little bigger, others a little lefs; the middle of the Belly, Thighs, lower
Belly, and Covert-feathers under the Tail, are light Brown, or dirty
White; the Legs and Feet are of a bluifh or Lead-colour, fhaped as in
other finall Birds.
Charles du Bois, Efq; Treafurer to the India Company, invited me
to his Houfe to draw this Bird. He told me it came from the Eafd Indies,
and was called a Gowry or Cozury Bird, they being fold for a frnall Shell
apicce, call'd a Gcwry; fo that I believe it doth not come from Chins,
Gow-rys not palling tlere as Money.
re      Ali       7 f  +~~~~~~~~~~a' A'a   a'4 iih
I   -, HE Beetle is of its natural Size, and all over of a bright (Lining
brownifh Black; it came from the Eaji Indies, and was given
me by my gocd Friend Mr. Pope, of Ratclif, a Gentleman well known
for many curious and ufeful Inventions, particularly for Marbling Paper
with a Margent, to prevent Frauds in the publick Offices; for the fole
doing of-which, his Macfty has given him Licence under his Broad Seal.
I am oblig id to this Ceatleman for many curious Things.

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