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Edwards, George, 1694-1773. / A natural history of birds. Most of which have not been figur'd or describ'd, and others very little known from obscure or too brief descriptions without figures, or from figures very ill design'd.
[Part I] (1743)

The little brown and white creeper,   pp. 26-[Plate] 26 ff.

Page 26

( 26 )
Thd little BR O W N and WHITE CREEPER.
T   H I S Bird I have call'd the Creeper, from the Conformity of all its
Parts with
T     the European Certhia, tho' it is not above half the Bignefs, nor hath
it the
beautiful Spots and Marks which our Creeper hath, yet the general Colour,
Shape of
the Body and Bill, are the fame ; it is here reprclented of its natural Bignefs;
the Bill
is about three-fourths of an Inch long, of a middling Thicknefs at its Bafe,
downwards, ending in a Iharp Point, of a dark brown Colour; the upper Sides
of the
Head, Neck, Back and Wings, are of a brown inclining to Copper-colour; the
under Side, from Bill to Tail, is White; it hath a Bar of dark Brown, palling
the Corners of the Mouth to the Eyes; from the Sides of the upper Mandible
of the
Bill paffes white Lines above the Eyes; on each Side the Covert-feathers,
the Wings are White ; the greater Quills are of a darker Brown than the reft
of the
Body, the Edges of the Feathers being fomething light; the Tail is dark Brown
Black; the outermoft Feathers on each Side, having white Tips; the Legs,
Feet, and
Claws, Brown.
This Bird preferv'd in Spirits, was lent me by Dr.. Crom-well Mortimer; he
it from Holland, and was informed it came from the Eaft Indies. I took it
out of the
Spirits in order to draw it. The Glafs which contain'd it was titled with
a Dutch Name,
which in Englijh fignifies the Ilonxy Thief. I believe this Bird hath not
been till now,
wither figur'd- or, defcrib'd.
T   Do not pretend to have any Skill in the Defcription of Infeas, not having
at all
jlludy'd them; nor do I know the Terms by which their Parts are diflinguifhed:
But they being no Part of my Defign, I have added them only as Decorations
to fill up
fome void Spaces in the Plates where the Birds were fmall; fo that if my
are obfcure, I hope the Juflnefs of the Figures will help to clear them.
The Head
and Body of this Fly is Black on the upper Side; the upper Wing mofily Black,
having two redifh Spots near the Body, then a broad, and after it a narrow
Mark; toward the Ends are, two Eyes of Blue, Surrounded with Red, and acrofs
End a Mark like Beads of a light Brown; under the greater Eyes of Blue, toward
lower Wing, is a Spot of Blue; the lower Wings are blue in the Middle, black
at their
IRoots, border'd with Stripes of Black and light Brown, having in each Wing
pretty large Eyes, blue in the Middle, red without that, and black Rings
without the
Red. On the under Side of the Fly the Head is redifh, the Body light Brown;
uipper Wing barred acrofs with Orange-colour and Black, having a pretty large
Eye of
Black, encompafs'd by Orange; the under Wing of a dark purplifh Colour, with
and tranfverfe Lines of Black.
This Fly, with many others, were prefented me by Capt. Ifaac Wgorth, now
in the
India.Compaoy's Service.. It came from China,

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