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Edwards, George, 1694-1773. / A natural history of birds. Most of which have not been figur'd or describ'd, and others very little known from obscure or too brief descriptions without figures, or from figures very ill design'd.
[Part I] (1743)

The red belly'd blue-bird ; The scarlet locust,   pp. 22-[Plate] 22 ff.

Page 22

( 22 )
t'he   RED-BELLY'D           BLUE -IB I RD.
T     HIS Plate (hews the Bird of the bignefs of Life; it is of that
Tribe which Willoughby has call'd Slender-hill'd Birds, whofe
Tails are all of one Colour, of which Number is the Nzightingale, Robin
Red-breafi, Rec{/art, and many other Englijh Small Birds; it hath a
flender Iharp-pointed Bill, of a middling L engtb, of a dark Lead-
colour; the Head, Neck, Breaff, Wings, Tail, and upper Part of the
Back, are of a purplifh blue Colour, partly very bright, partly obfcure;
the Sides of the Head, the Breafi, and the Coverts of the Wings, are
the brighter Parts; the upper Part of the Neck and Back, of a dull
dirty Blue, partaking a little of Green; from the under Part of the Bill,
a little way down the Throat, is of a dirty Blue or dark Colour; the
Quills and Tail-feathers are of a black or dusky Colour, the Edges of
the Feathers being Blue; the lower Part of the Back is of a light Colour,
with a faint Mixture of Rofe; the Covert-feathers of the Tail of a fine
blue purple Colour; the Thighs, lower Belly, and Coverts under the
Tail, are of a dirty redifh Orange-colour; the Legs, Feet, and Claws,
of a dark Lead-colour.
I was favour'd with a Draught of this Bird by his Grace the Duke of
Richmond: It was brought from Surinamn.  I believe this Bird hath not
before been defcrib'd.
The   SCARLET          LoCUST.
T  HE Figure prefents you the natural Bignefs of this Infed: The
1       'Head and Horns are of a dull Red; the Scale or Shell, which
covers the middle of the Body, of a bright Red, and rough like Sha-
green; the Wings of a dull Red; the hinder Part was compofed of black
and fcarlet Rings quite round; the under Side of the middle of the Body
of a dirty Red; the Legs of a bright Scarlet, except the Joints, which
were black.
This Infeit came accidentally alive from the Wefi Indies in a Basket of
Pine-Apples.  It was given me by Dr. R. M. Maffey: It fed on Vine-
Leaves, and lived a whole Summer in England.

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