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Edwards, George, 1694-1773. / A natural history of birds. Most of which have not been figur'd or describ'd, and others very little known from obscure or too brief descriptions without figures, or from figures very ill design'd.
[Part I] (1743)

The Arabian bustard,   pp. 12-[Plate] 12 ff.

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( 12 )
The AR A B I AN               B UST AR D.
H I S Bird is about the Bignefs of a Turkey, it is longer leg'd and neck'd,
T llenderer-body'd than the common Buflard: It hath a Bill longer than is
mon to the Poultry-kind, of which this is a Species: From the Point of the
Bill to
the Angles of the Mouth is three Inches and a Half; the Bill is of a light
colour, a little darker at the Point; the Nofirils are long, and placed near
the Fore-
head ; the Eyes are of a dark Colour; the Fore-part of the Head is white;
above the
Eye is a Line of black, ending in a Point toward the Forehead backward ;
it increafes in
Breadth, and forms a fort of black Creft, from which Creft proceeds a fhort
black Linc,
and reaches almofi to the hinder Part of the Eye; the Neck, forward, is Afh-colour'd,
with fmall tranfverfe Lines of a darker Colour; the hinder Part of the Neck
and Back
are of a brown Colour, with fine tranfverfe blackifh Lines ;-the Coverts
of the Wings of
the fame Colour with the Back, the Tips of the Feathers being white, form
Spots like
Half-moons; the Ridge of the Wing in the upper Part is White, from whence
a broad white Bar, that Separates the Covert from the Quill-feathers; this
Bar is fprink-
led with fmall black Spots, few or none in the upper Part, thickly firewed
in the
lower; the ballard Wing is black, the Feathers having white Tips; the foremoft
the prime Quills are black, the middlemoft are fpotted black and white, being
part of
the above-mentioned Bar, drawn obliquely down the Wing; the inner Quills,
next the
Back, are of the fame Colour with it; the Breaft, Belly, Thighs, and whole
Side, are purely White; the Tail on the upper Side, is colour'd like the
Back, tho' the
outer Webs of the outfide Feathers are partly White, the under Side of the
Tail hath
a Bar of Black acrofs it, near the Tips of the Feathers ; the Legs are pretty
long ; it
has only three Toes, which are very fhort, all ftanding forward ; the Legs
are bare of
Feathers for fome Space above the Knees ; both Legs and Feet are cover'd
with a
fealey Skin of a dirty white or light brownifh Colour; the Claws of the fame
This Bird was kept alive many Years by my honoured Patron Sir Hans Sloane,
at his Houfe in London, whofe Goodnefs always gave me free Leave to draw
curious Thing he had in his Poffeffion. This Bird was brought from Mocha
in ArabiHl
Felix, and prefented to Sir Hans Sloane, by Charles Dubois, Efq; Treafurer
to the
India Company. It hath not yet been defcrib'd by any Author that I know of.

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