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Edwards, George, 1694-1773. / A natural history of birds. Most of which have not been figur'd or describ'd, and others very little known from obscure or too brief descriptions without figures, or from figures very ill design'd.
[Part I] (1743)

The great king-fisher from the River Gambia,   pp. 8-[Plate] 8 ff.

Page 8

( 8 )
7The GREAT KING-F I S HE R from       the River Gambia.
FOR Bignefs, this Bird equals, if not exceeds, the Miffel Bird or
Greater Thrujh; it is great-headed, fhort-necked, the Body neither
over-long or round, the Tail is long, the Wings pretty long, the Legs
very flSort; the Bill is long and firaight, pretty thick towards the Head,
ending in a fharp Point, of a bright Scarlet-colour; the upper Mandible
is channelled on each Side, in which Channels are placed the Noffrils,
pretty near the Head ; the Angles or Corners of the Mouth are deep
cut, and fall diredly under the Eyes; under each Eye is a narrow Bor-
der of white Feathers; the Head, Neck, whole under Side, and part
of the Back, are cover'd with dirty Orange-colour'd Feathers; the Chin
and Breaff lighter than the Back; in the Middle of the Breafi, fome of
the Tips of the Feathers are White; the Wings are Purple, in the upper
Part the greater Feathers being Blue, yet the foremoff of the prime Quills
are Black; tho' the upper Part of the Wing be moffly Purple, yet there
is a narrow Space of Blue runs round the Purple; the Ridge of the
Wing is White; the lower Part of the Back and Rump is of a Blue-
Green, changeable Colour; the Wing-feathers, which border on the
Back, partake of the fame changeable Colour; the Tail is of a fne
Blue-colour, yet it in fome Lights has a greeniflh Caf; the Legs and
Feet are of a Red-colour, with black Claws; the middle and outer Toe
joined together, as in our King-fil/er. This Bird was preferv'd in the
Collection of Mr. Peter Colinjon, who on all Occafions has been my
Friend, and helped me to many curious and uncommon Birds: He
told me this Bird came from the River Gambia.
A/lbin has publiffhed a Bird fomething like this, which he calls the
Large King-fl/her from Bengal; but there is fo much Difference, that
they muff be two different Species: I have feen both the Birds; A/bin's
is in Mr. Dandridge's Colled~cion in Moorfields, which has convinced me
they are fpecifically different, more than if I had feen only Drawings of
thefe two Birds. See Albin's Figure and Defcription, V0o1. 3. p. 27. of
his Hijory of Birds.

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