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Edwards, George, 1694-1773. / A natural history of birds. Most of which have not been figur'd or describ'd, and others very little known from obscure or too brief descriptions without figures, or from figures very ill design'd.
[Part I] (1743)


T        ~H  I S Work   having been delivered in Parts at different Times
during the
Term of about ten Years (counting from its Beginning to the Delivery of
the laft Part) it was not at firIf poflible to give it a proper General
Title, as it was then altogether uncertain where it might end: But fince
the Book is
now brought to a Conclufion, I thought it neceffiry to prefix the foregoing
Title Page.
And as I have here an Opportunity publickly to fhew          my Gratitude
to     the
Prefident and Council of the Royal Society, for that diflinguifhing Mark
of Fa-
vour and Honour they were pleafed to confer upon me at their Grand Meet-0
ing on St. Andrew's Day, Anno 175o, by prefenting me with the f* Gold Medal
(annually given on that Day) in Confideration of this Hiflory of Animals,
which was
juff then concluded: It might be deemed an unpardonable Omiflion and Negledt,
fliould I forbear on this Occafion to return my humble Thanks to the Prefident
Council, as well as to the other Members of that Learned and ufeful Body,
of whom    have, I know, been      instrumental in procuring me      this
Favour and
I muft likewife take this laft Opportunity to thank my Friends in general,
that have any Ways contributed to this Hiftory, by furnifhing me with Matter
to bring it to a Length, that I at firft imagined, it could never attain,
as well
as to thofe Gentlemen that have promoted the Defign, by continuing their
nerous Subfcriptions through the whole Work.
As Sight, and Steadinefs of Hand begin to fail me, I fhall here beg Leave
to inr
form  fuch Gentlemen who       have   formerly  employed me in Drawing, 
      or any
other Way, that I flhall for the future decline all fuch Bufinefs, and defire
would accept of my grateful Thanks for the Encouragement they have formerly
given me.
I muft
* This was the Donation of Sir G o D F R E Y C O P LE rY, Bart. who gave
a Sum of Money to
the Royal Society, the Intereft of which he appointed annually to be dir(,ofed
of by Truflees by hirn
named, and after their Deceafe by the Prefident and Council of the Royal
Society for the Time being,
to any Perfon that fhould make any new I)ifcovery in Art or Nature, or perform
any other Work
that fhould be thought worthy of that Favour. But the Society judging it,
of late Years, more
Fligible and Honourable to give this annual Donation in form of a Medal,
than to pay it in
Money, caufed a Die to be cut, one Side of which has on it theDonor's Name,
UCc. round it, and
in the Middle a Device, viz. llMinerva, with the Symbols of the Sciences
at her Feet, holding the Em-
blem of Nature in her Left-Arm, her Right-Arm being extended with a Wrcath
of Laurel in her Hand;
and on her Shield are the Arms of Sir G o D F R E Y. The Reverfe has on it
the Arms, Creff, Sup-
porters, Motto, &c. of the Royal Society of London. A Cony of this Medal,
cuiioifly engraved, you
swill fee placed under the General Title of this Work.

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