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Grigsby, Leslie B. (Leslie Brown) / The Longridge collection of English slipware and delftware. Delftware
Volume 2 (2000)

Other: sauceboats and other dishes,   pp. 227-228

Page 227

Liverpool, London, or Bristol 
H.: 2 7/8" (7.3 cm); L.: 6 1/8" (15.6 cm); 
W.: 2 3/4" (7 cm) 
BODY CLAY: Medium-grained buff. 
TIN GLAZE: Bluish white, somewhat 
transparent over raised areas. Overall, 
excluding foot edge. 
SHAPE: Press-molded. Extruded handle 
with nearly flat interior, triple-ribbed 
exterior, and curled lower terminal. 
Foot (probably molded) smoothly flar- 
ing on interior wall. 
DECORATION: Painted. Exterior bears 
two similar landscapes with buildings, 
fence, and trees. Underside of lip bears 
panels of scales flanking scrollwork 
band. Interior bears central flower and 
border composed of band of solid tri- 
angles with triple-arc filler. 
Ex coal.: E. Pitts Curtis. 
DELFTWARE Dining and Related Wares 
Sauceboats and Other Dishes 
5auceboats appear to have been little used in England before about 1715.
Like examples in other ceramics, delftware sauceboats typically take their
from metalwork examples.' By mid-century sauceboats could be ordered as 
part of a service. A 1763 invoice records a London purchase of Chinese export
porcelain for George Washington: 
1 Compleat sett Table China fine blue & white consisting of 
                                             £s. d. 
11 long dishes 
24 plates-12 soop plates 
1 Tureen Cov & Dish 
4 Sauce boats 4 salts 
1. Davis, Silver, no. 162. For delftware sauce- 
boats after metalwork designs, see Home, 
Collection, pt. 9, nos. 226, 230. 
2. Detweiler, Chinaware, p. 203. 
3. For a delft sauceboat with a somewhat similar 
foot and interior border, see Britton, Bristol, 
no. 9.11. 
4. For Bow with related motifs, see Gabszewicz 
and Freeman, Bow, nos. 111, 174. 
The Longridge Collection 227 
   The painted scene on the boat shown here has much in common with Bris-
tol wares of the mid-century, but somewhat similar landscapes also are known
on London delft. The glaze is not unlike that found on some Liverpool delft.'
interior flower and use of a scale diaper (under the lip) may derive from
paste porcelain motifs. 

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